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For Workers Compensation (WC) coverage, technically the answer is "yes", but reality states

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Q: Is terrorism risk surcharge mandatory?
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What is an insurance surcharge?

Insurance Surchargesa Surcharge is somthing you are being charged extra for because of a specific reason or risk... such as a Surcharge for underage drivers, or a surcharge for a Wood Burning stove... they burn alot of houses you know... ya.. so its just an extra charge they give you to insure you. Here are some examples on Auto Insurance PolicesUndisclosed Household Drivers SurchargeUndisclosed Tickets SurchageYoung Driver SurchargeInexperienced Driver SurchargeHigh Risk Driver SurchargeHigh Risk Vehicle SurchargeModified Vehicle SurchargeHappy Motoring

What is the fine for petit larceny 155.25 in New York?

The State of New York can hit your wallet three ways for petit larceny 155.25. There's the risk of a fine, there's a mandatory surcharge, and there's a crime victim's assistance fee. There's no minimum fine so your lawyer may be able to avoid it. The maximum fine is $1000. Also, there's a $175 mandatory surcharge and a $25 crime victim's fee for mandatory minimum of $200.

What is the cost of a seat belt violation in New York?

$50 plus a mandatory surcharge of $85

What does PRS means in shipping term?

piracy risk surcharge

Are gratuities mandatory in restaurants in new york?

No. Sometimes there is a surcharge for large parties, but that's not quite the same thing.

What is the high risk surcharge in open heart surgery?

the fact there is a high risk for the surgeons stats, so you get charged extra.

What has the author Linda G Robinson written?

Linda G. Robinson has written: 'Terrorism insurance' -- subject(s): Economic aspects of Terrorism, Risk (Insurance), Terrorism, Terrorism insurance

When did the Terrorist Risk Insurance Act become law?

the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002, which provided a federal backstop for terrorism insurance, was signed into legislation on November 26, 2002.

What are the release dates for The Willis Report - 2011 Is Your Car at Risk from Cyber Terrorism?

The Willis Report - 2011 Is Your Car at Risk from Cyber Terrorism was released on: USA: 19 June 2013

What about terrorism in lagos?

The definition of terrorism can be " Attacking, damaging and killing of civillians and their properties and their interests. Unfortunatly, the UN has not described the exeact meanings of Terrorism and the still the War against Terrorism is still continued and the world is on the high risk now.

What does it mean Breakfast available surcharge?

available (surcharge)

What is YQ surcharge tax?

The YQ "tax" is not actually a government imposed tax but an airline surcharge. Typically, the YQ "tax" includes a security surcharge and/or a fuel surcharge.

How do you spell surcharge?

That is the correct spelling of "surcharge" (an added fee).

Is nz at risk of terrorism attack?

No i wouldn't say so but you don't what could happen.

Difference between heavy lift surcharge and long lift surcharge?

The difference between heavy lift surcharge and long lift surcharge is the size of the cargo. Long lift surcharges are applied when the length of the cargo exceed the rules. Heavy lift surcharge is when the weight of the cargo exceeds the going rate.

Can you give me a sentence of surcharge?

Here is one sentence using the word surcharge. 1). You will pay the surcharge on the amount of tax not paid within 28 days of the due date.

Which States include a premium surcharge on commercial line insurance?

The premium surcharge would generally be administered by the insurance company for loss history, high risk businesses, condition of premises, etc. If you would like to check with the department of insurance for your state, they may be able to answer your question in greater detail.

How much will a speeding ticket cost in Utah for doing 108 mph in a 75 mph zone?

Utah Speeding Violations according to 2007 Fine Bail Schedule (page 6) 1st offense 31+ MPH $400.00 with Mandatory Court Appearance and 35% surcharge +$10 for every mph over 31 2 MPH @ 10/MPH = $20 Total min. mandatory fine = $420 35% surcharge = $147 Court fees = $ 50 Total = $ 622 ALOT!

How do you use the word surcharge in a sentence?

There is a surcharge added to the hotel prices, essentially a hidden tax on visiting tourists. A surcharge on ticket prices helped to pay the cost of the new arena.

Four characteristics of terrorism?

State Terrorism, Cyber Terrorism, Eco Terrorism, Bio Terrorism

What is surcharge on vat?

A surcharge fee is an extra cost added to a fee that the consumer is already expected to pay. Surcharge fees are imposed for a variety of reasons including fuel costs, services, travel time and equipment use. A surcharge may fee be a flat rate or calculated as a percentage of the original bill.

How many points on your license to receive a NJ surcharge?

In NJ you will get a surcharge after your 6th point has been added to your driving history

What is an international surcharge?

international surcharge is fees added due to fuel cost and fees countries charge incoming or outgoing on the air or ocean or land. most of international surcharge are seen or noticed on flights fees. as of today Sep 5th 2012 +/- 40% of your airline ticket is paid to other countries as international surcharge

What is NYS traffic infraction VTL 1110 0A?

an VTL 1110-a is ""Failure to obey traffic control device."" the fine for this ticket is $0 - $150.00 with a $85.00 mandatory NYS surcharge. It carries a penalty of 2 points against your license.

What is the NYS medical surcharge?