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Is terrorism risk surcharge mandatory?


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For Workers Compensation (WC) coverage, technically the answer is "yes", but reality states


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Insurance Surchargesa Surcharge is somthing you are being charged extra for because of a specific reason or risk... such as a Surcharge for underage drivers, or a surcharge for a Wood Burning stove... they burn alot of houses you know... ya.. so its just an extra charge they give you to insure you. Here are some examples on Auto Insurance PolicesUndisclosed Household Drivers SurchargeUndisclosed Tickets SurchageYoung Driver SurchargeInexperienced Driver SurchargeHigh Risk Driver SurchargeHigh Risk Vehicle SurchargeModified Vehicle SurchargeHappy Motoring

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The State of New York can hit your wallet three ways for petit larceny 155.25. There's the risk of a fine, there's a mandatory surcharge, and there's a crime victim's assistance fee. There's no minimum fine so your lawyer may be able to avoid it. The maximum fine is $1000. Also, there's a $175 mandatory surcharge and a $25 crime victim's fee for mandatory minimum of $200.

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$50 plus a mandatory surcharge of $85

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No. Sometimes there is a surcharge for large parties, but that's not quite the same thing.

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the fact there is a high risk for the surgeons stats, so you get charged extra.

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