Terrorism includes acts of violence to spread a political or ideological message and create a state of terror among people. al-Qaeda, responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, is the most well known terrorist group.

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How can someone stop terrorism?

Not one person can stop terrorism standing alone, only together can we end terrorism. when people learn that attacking others is not the way to go about proving a point, or to be just viscous, then we will have ended terrorism. Although you may think of a terrorist as someone meaning to do you harm you must take into consideration their point of view aswell, also not all terrorists are from the middle east most Americans assume this because of 9/11 but actually the term terrorist means a characteristic of someone who employs terrorism (especially as a political weapon) which basically means anyone who thrives to harm others for a personal gain. Although the 9/11 attacks were a warning to our government from a direct terrorist group deemed (Al Quaeda) not all terrorists are middle eastern. Terrorism is a terrible thing yes but you will never be able to rid the world of terrorism completely, simply because murder can be viewed as an act of terrorism.

Shiite Islam
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Why are Shiites more radical than Sunnis?

This is a controversial question. As such it has been split into three variants of answers and the order is no indication of the correctness of the response:

Answers A: Shiites are more radical and this is why

Answers B: Sunnis are more radical and this is why

Answers C: Neither is more radical in and of itself; the "radicalness" comes from elsewhere

Answers A

Answer A1:

Obviously, Answers B are written by Shiites. Shame on you.

We Sunni Muslims are not radical. If there are some groups from among us who are, there are certainly from among you Shiites who are as well.

Shiites always do that. They hate the majority of us - so they spread falsehoods about us. They especially hate the ones they call "wahabis" - because, of all the Sunnis, they are the best at showing how the Shiites have gone far, far away from what Islam really says. They worship people - like Ali, Fatimah, Hussein - instead of worshipping God alone.

But of course, the rightly-guided Muslims are the majority - we are at least 85%. So the Shiites can just go on and hate us all they want. God will never give them the upper hand. Ever.

Answer A2:

To add to the above answer, Sunni Muslims aren't a sect of Islam, Sunnis are original Muslims. When it split into Shi'as, and a bunch of other sects, the original Muslims who followed the teachings of the prophet Muhammad (S) and the Qur'an and his sunnah started to use the name Sunni to distinguish themselves as those who follow the teachings of Muhammad (S) and those who are on the straight path.

Answers B

Answer B1:

Actually this is a false statement, it is actually the Sunni sect, namely Wahabbi's, who are considered the radical Islamists in the current day and age. The Wahabbi's make up the current radical groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Talaban. They promote killing in the Name of Allah towards anyone who is non-muslim, and even those who are Shiite.

Answers C

Answer C1:

The saying that Shiites are more radical than Sunnis or the opposite is not true. Both Shiites and Sunnis are believers of the same prophet, same holy book, same faith pillars, and they orient their faces during praying to same Kaabah. Both schools are radical in obeying God and prophet Muhammad teachings.

Answer C2:

this is false statement .all sects of islam are following the prophet saying but of course they have some different beliefs which each sects has different beliefs which prove it to prophet saying and Quran .surely which one of them are following exactly islam instrument.all sects have common Allah and prophet and the book .unfortunately there are some sects which have false beliefe of islam and killing shia and even sunni followers or other un islamic religion in order to accept power or poltical issue.

Answer C3:

The difference between Sunnis and Shiites is a question of internal arrangement and religious hierarchy. Sunnis have a much more informal congregationalist approach and Shiites have a much more formal hierarchical system with the equivalents of bishops, archbishops, and patriarchs. The strength or "radicalness" of belief is determined to a much greater degree by any individual Sunni or Shiite congregation or its followers. On a personal level, those Muslims who value freedom, justice, equality, for all people, regardless of whether they are Sunni or Shiite, have a much lower likelihood of becoming radicals than those who believe that Islam should have a superior political position.

History of Ireland

Where did the Irish Republican Army get their weapons?

The following answer refers to the 'Provisional Irish Republican Army', which began as a splinter group of the 'Irish Republican Army' in 1969.

Libya has been the biggest single supplier of arms and funds to the IRA, donating large amounts: three shipments of arms in the early 1970s and another three in the mid 1980s, the latter reputedly enough to arm two regular infantry battalions.

The IRA has also received weapons and logistical support from Irish Americans in the United States, especially the NORAID group. Apart from the Libyan aid, this has been the main source of overseas IRA support.

In the United States in November 1982, five men were acquitted of smuggling arms to the IRA after they claimed the Central Intelligence Agency had approved the shipment, although the CIA denied this.

The IRA has received some training and support from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). In 1977, the Provisionals received a 'sizeable' arms shipment from the PLO, including small arms, rocket launchers and explosives, but part of the shipment was intercepted at Antwerp after the Israeli intelligence alerted its European counterparts.

September 11 Attacks
History of the United States

What were the September 11 terrorist plane attacks?

The first one was flown in to the World Trade Center in New York City and the third one was flown in to the pentagon. The fourth plane crashed Pennsylvania. Almost 3,ooo Americans were killed in the attacks. Oh yea, the second plane was flown in to the white house, but the passengers new they were going to die anyway so they over powered the terrorists in the plane and flew the plane in to the ground. Very sad thing that so many lives were taken in the attacks. After that in 2001 the US. and other countries attacked Afghanistan. Within a few years, the US went to war with Iraq and believed that Saddam Hussein, Iraq's leader, was hiding weapons that could be given to the terrorists. In 2003 a group of countries led by the US invaded Iraq. Saddam Hussein was captured and put on trial and executed. Now Iraq is rebuilding its country and is trying to create a democracy to help its people obtain self-rule.

My sources are from my History teacher and the library. I'm doing a report in this and so I knew this could help me. Its a very sad thing what happened in the attacks. Many women, children, and men died in it. Sad, very sad.

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Why is terrorism a problem?

it breaks peace in society and can injure or even kill some innocent people. fear grows among people and they feel unprotected. It also can destroy our community and the things we feel are important.

Ku Klux Klan
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What Ku Klux Klan known for?

The Ku Klux Klan are well known in America for the racist acts that white Americans did to the Black Americans, because they would track down these people and torture them then eventually kill them because the white Americans believed that they were more superior than the black Americans so they did this to try and prove this point. Additionally, they harassed what they called white sympathizers.

On my own behalf its just a bunch of murderous idiots that didn't have anything better to do }=(

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How many Taliban casualties?

The Taliban has lost 30,000 and their wounded is unknown, but it's probably double, maybe even triple that, but they still have 6,000 left...

and we have only lost 2,000 since the war in Afghanistan started, but lost 4,000 in Iraq which means we've lost 6,000 in total.BURNS WHEN I PEE!

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Osama bin Laden

When did Osama bin Laden die?

Terrorist Osama bin Laden was killed on Sunday, May 1, 2011 (in Pakistani time, the killing happened around 2 a.m. on Monday, May 2, 2011).

Osama was killed by US troops on the ground in a 40-minute firefight commanded by President Obama. He was killed by a group of Navy SEALs (part of the Joint Special Operations Command - JSOC) and four men, including Osama, died in the attack. A woman, presumed to be one of Osama's wives, as also killed. No American was wounded or killed.

Osama was shot at least once in the head. He was later buried at in the North Arabian sea. President Obama ordered the attack after receiving intelligence of bin Laden's location in a compound in Pakistan. The US first received this intelligence in August 2010. Bin Laden was the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and has been in hiding for nearly a decade.

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What is the difference between a terrorist and a soldier?

A Terrorist is someone who does damage for the sole purpose of inciting fear and "terror" in as many people as possible. A Soldier puts his life on the line to fight for his country and does not do harm on purpose.

Strictly speaking, to be a soldier, you must have the following characteristics:

  • Be an outwardly identifiable member of an explicitly open military. That means, the military you belong to must be openly organized (i.e. it has to declare itself a military organization, and have open and obvious means of communication with outsiders), you must wear a uniform of some sort which makes it obvious that you belong to this specific military, and you must be visually distinctly different from other militaries or civilians.
  • Your military ("army") must be part of an an organization that is recognized by the international community as being a "state-level actor". That is, the political command of your army must be recognized as a legitimate claimant to some nation's political leadership. This recognition does not have to be universal, but generally speaking, your political movement needs to recognized as such by at least several major powerful countries.
  • You must adhere to the various Geneva Conventions on treatment of POWs, appearance and conduct of persons, treatment of civilians, etc. Those who fail to adhere to the Geneva Conventions might still possibly be considered "soldiers", but most countries now require combatants to follow the Conventions, or they will treat such individuals as NOT being soldiers.
  • Your military must have a defined chain of command, with a defined pyramid of responsibility, and everyone must act within that command structure. Small independently operating groups working in loose cooperation with no overall command generally are NOT afforded "soldier" status.

Those not fulfilling the above requirement are not affording "soldier" status. They can be called anything from mercenary, to rebel, to revolutionary, to terrorist.

The defining characteristic of terrorists (besides failing one or more of the above "soldier" qualifications) is that they use violence targeted to generate maximal media coverage as a means to achieve their political goals. That is, rather than seek to defeat their opponent's military forces, they instead make attacks intended to spread fear and uncertainty via media coverage of their attacks, which they hope will apply pressure to their opponent's political structure, causing it to either collapse or give in to the terrorist's goals.

Generally speaking, "terrorists" have these characteristics:

  • They belong to some "sub-state" actor - that is, the organization they belong to is not recognized to have any legitimate claim on being a political contender for control of a nation. In fact, many (if not most) explicitly do not claim to be attempting to take over a country.
  • They do not wear visually distinctive uniforms; instead, they seek to blend in with civilian populations
  • They explicitly use civilian populations as shields against attack, and not merely hiding places.
  • They will explicitly target civilian populations for attacks
  • Even when not explicitly targeting civilians, their attacks fail to take any sort of reasonable precautions to limit civilian deaths.
  • Targets are either items of symbolic importance, or mass-casualty attacks.
  • Attacks are calculated to appeal to mass media coverage, and generally timed as such. That is, the amount of media coverage is a key ingredient to the attacks. Fear, confusion, and doubt are the key goals of such attacks, not the immediate material losses or deaths (though the latter are usually the main ingredient for sowing such fear, etc.).
  • They fail to follow pretty much all of the international conventions on the allowable conduct of war (e.g. Hague Conventions, Geneva Protocol and Conventions, various Weapons Conventions, etc.)

Is peace negotiation the best solution to terrorism?

yes. there is no other option in how to negotiate peace in between us and the terrorists. and through negotiation we already know what they want .

September 11 Attacks

What caused the September 11 attacks?

The attacks were a deliberate attempt by a terrorist organization (al-Qaeda) to affect the foreign policy of the US and other nations by killing civilians in a series of organized suicide attacks. The underlying reasons for the attacks are a subject of continued debate.

  • A brief answer is that the United States has garnered a lot of hostility because of its support for the establishment and continuation of Israel, a Jewish state. This support has angered many Islamic nations in that geographic region, leading to many radical Islamic fundamentalists calling on the United States to withdraw from the region altogether and to stop supporting Israel. Obviously, the strategic interests for energy are too important for the United States to do this, and so the people -- Islamic fundamentalists believing they have a religious duty to fight the United States' infidels -- call on followers of radical Islamic faith to make war on US citizens and the US government.
  • In addition to Israel, Bin Laden himself listed several other grievances including, but not limited to: US soldiers stationed in Arabia in violation of Mohammed's wish that Arabia be entirely Muslim, the US and Australian intervention to assist East Timor (a majority-Christian country) to gain independence from Indonesia (a majority-Muslim country), the US intervention in Iraq in the Gulf War of 1990-1991 that resulted in Kuwait's freedom and the death of many Iraqis as well as no fly zones in Iraq, and the US support and direction of the Egyptian Regime under Hosni Mubarak.
  • The hijackers were mostly citizens of Saudi Arabia and they were thought to be members of Al Qaeda, led by Osama Bin Laden. A group of terrorists took control of two commercial airliners and purposely crashed them into the "twin towers" of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Another group of terrorists took control of another commercial airliner, reportedly headed for the White House in Washington, D.C., which crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after the terrorists were overtaken by a group of passengers. Another group of terrorists took control of yet another airliner and purposely crashed it into the Pentagon.
  • It is generally believed that the Koran's teachings engender in some Muslim fundamentalists a hate for westerners which caused them to commit these hostile, mass-murdering terrorist acts. The terrorists believed that giving their lives in order to kill many of their western 'infidel enemies' in the United States was a "holy" act given to them by their god. They felt it was what they were 'destined to do' for their god, and that's why they did it.
  • Muslim fanatics attacked the US because of their belief that predominantly Christian nations such as the US have deprived the Islamic world of the leading role, and the power and prestige that it rightfully deserves. Elements of Christianity and Islam have been in conflict since the Muslim conquest of the Levant, North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula (beginning in the seventh century) and the Crusades in the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth centuries. Additionally, US support for the nation of Israel since 1948 has greatly inflamed Muslim resentment toward the US. To the September 11th terrorists, that attack was merely the latest battle in a long running war between faiths.
  • Also, be aware that there are many people who simply hate the United States because they have a distorted view of our country. Instead of seeing the United States as the "melting pot" country that it is; that it is a "free" country; that it allows its people to believe, speak, and worship as they wish. They prefer to believe that because Americans do not believe, speak, and worship as they do, that everyone here is full of sin, going against "their" God in so many ways (religion, technology, etc.); not living our lives in their simple and prudent ways; not using only what is necessary, but rather using more than our share.
  • Additionally, there are many people in the West, including the U.S., who have historically viewed the Islamic nations as nothing more than a source of wealth to be exploited, with no regard for the welfare of the area's populace.

Extreme religious views, and a total disregard for the rights and freedoms of others caused 9-11, and led terrorists to attack a nation because of a lack of tolerance for differences.

The September 11, 2001 attacks on the United State of America was caused by terrorists affiliated with Al-Qaeda, the extremist Sunni Islamist militant group founded by, now deceased, Osama bin Laden. There motivation was repeatedly broadcast in recorded televised message in which they had declared a "Jihad" (so-called "struggle on behalf of God") on the United States, and had vowed death to Americans.

Their extremist religious beliefs convince them that the doctrine contained in the Qur'an teaches that anyone who does not live according to their strict standards, and those who do not believe as they do are "infidels" and "non-believers," and must be killed. Since the American way of life promotes democracy, free will, free speech, free religion, and a number of other freedoms pertaining to potentially deviant behavior, Americans are viewed as "infidels" and their way of life is a threat to the extremist Islamist. They believe that "Allah" commands them to kill infidels, and rewards them in Heaven if they die in the process. Suicide bombings and hijackings are believed by these extremists as a guaranteed reward in the after-life.

There is an official explanation that holds the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda and its founder and leader Osama bin Laden were responsible for the attacks. In the words of George W. Bush: "They hate us because of our freedom."
The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were started when tensions between powerful groups in middle east and the United States reached a breaking point. Al Qaeda was supposedly formed as a militant group around the time of the Desert Storm conflict between Iraq and the U.S. They have been blamed for many attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan before they infiltrated many factions of US security including the military and the CIA in order to find weaknesses in America's defenses in preparation of four large scale attacks using large commercial airplane, three of which were very successful and one was supposedly thwarted by hijacked passengers, missing it's target but nonetheless crashed in rural Pennsylvania, adding to the casualties.
Terrorist groups wished to kill hundreds or, if they could, thousands of innocent Americans. This is what extreme religion does to you...most Muslims are very peaceful, just like Christians or Catholics or Jews, but these extremists are dangerous and insane. They decided to kill the "infidels," or those who don't believe like they do.


What did the IRA want to change?

The PIRA or Provisional Irish Republican Army did not fight solely on religious grounds, although that was a factor, but initially to defend the catholic community from attacks by Loyalists, the Police and State-sponsored Paramilitaries. It would be incorrect to compare the IRA (a known terrorist organization) to other terror organizations such as Al Qaeda (also a known terrorist organization) because The latter oppressed whereas the former sought to liberate. Although as time went on, the IRA acted less as liberators, and more as terrorist organization.

There is a lot more to this subject. Sufficeth to say that the PIRA's stated goal was self-rule of the area they claimed as theirs, mostly in Northern Eire, and the creation of a Catholic state.

Newspapers and Magazines
Palestinian Territories

What newspaper ran an advertisement on August 17 2006 that condemned the Hamas and Hezbollah organizations and was signed by 85 Hollywood professionals?


Los Angeles Times

Politics and Government

Joint anti-terrorism level 1 answers?

True or False: When possible, it is best to always travel with a cell phone. (Antiterrorism Scenario Training, Page 2)


History of England
Flight Times

Was it terrorism in the London transit explosions?

Yes. Bomb residue has already been confirmed and some terrorist groups are trying to take credit.

History of Islam

What explosives do the taliban use for car bombs?

Whatever's available to them. Could be plastique, PETN, TNT, fertiliser..

History of Ireland

Does the Irish Republican Army target Americans?

The IRA are a based on religion (a war between Catholics and protestants). It is not an issue of nationality although they do tend to have an issue with the British.... as the British are the people at fault for the war in the first place. The IRA however are no longer active and the conflict in Northern Ireland is no longer an issue to worry about

-Well actually the Protestants vs Catholics is a minor confict in the overall picture of ousting British authority from North Ireland, it is the British are the imperialistic force that took over all of Ireland many years ago and were defeated by the Irish Republican Brotherhood who regained the south portion of Ireland however the IRA is merely a continuance of those brave men. Some Irish do not like Americans however it is Irish Americans who helped to arm and fund the IRA and the IRB during the war of independance and still do to some extent today

You are right about the 'many years ago' part .

The issue started when the Pope declared via a Papal Letter that Ireland was a possession of England . This was in 1155. It was initially ignored by the then King of England - Plantagenet Henry 2

By 1171 a Norman Leader had become a Lower King of Ireland -this threatened H2 so he went in with the Norman warriors.The 1155 letter was used as justification

A deal was done :

a) Ireland was to partitioned. Normans one area -Gaelic tribes in the other

b) He made himself Lord of Ireland

This last part had unforeseen consequences.

This title was not passed to his No1 son Richard who subsequently succeeded his father. . If Richard had have had offspring then outcomes would be very different.

In the event he gave the title to his 2nd son -John. H2 attempted to make John the King of Ireland -Thus separating England From Ireland. The Pope said No!

No body foresaw that John would ever be King of England.

John became King(1199) and retained the Lordship of Ireland title.

This was subsequently passed to future English Kings.

The net affect was that English Kings had Rights over Ireland and No balancing Responsibilities.

Ireland was mostly ignored by Future Plantagenet Kings.

That all changed in 1485 when the Plantagenet dynasty suddenly ended.

The new King H 7 was Welsh and his successor H8 was English in the true sense.

Power without Responsibility will invariably end in tears.

Such was and maybe still is the case in Ireland

History of Ireland

What were the Irish Republican Army fighting for?

Total Irish independence from Britain.


What is quasi-terrorism?

it is an act of violence similar act to a genuine terrorism but the intent was different to the genuine terrorist.

History of the United States
Oklahoma City

Why did Timothy McVeigh choose Oklahoma City to bomb?

Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the chief conspirators, met at Fort Benning during U.S. Army basic training. McVeigh's accomplice, Michael Fortier, was his roommate in the Army. They were survivalists who were unhappy with the way the FBI handled Ruby Ridge and Waco. McVeigh later decided to bomb a federal building in response to the raids at Ruby Ridge and Waco.


How do you maintain peace in the world?

Funamentally, there has NEVER been "peace" the world over. Conflicts have a huge variety of causes and methods, most of it rooted in the fundamental nature of humans to compete over limited resources, and to dream up ways to divide humanity into groups of "us" vs "them".

The question is unanswerable, because we simply don't understand the reasons why conflict occurs in the first place well enough to say: if the conflict is caused by X, we do Y to stop it.

Even for maintaining large portions of the world at peace, there is no good formulae, because everything that's been tried eventually fails. This is not to say that we're doomed to always fail, but that expecting a formula for "peace" which can't adapt to changing times WILL always fail eventually.

September 11 Attacks

Was the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack predestined by higher beings?

There is no need to include theories and fantasies of such things as higher beings to explain terrorism. There is more than enough evidence of our own dealings with people and systems with which we disagree, not to the lengths some people will go to force others to believe as they do.
There is no evidence of higher beings involving themselves in human affairs at any time or anywhere.
To invoke the intervention of outside and supernatural forces to explain things which are far more easily explained by human behaviour is to ignore logic and common sense.


Where does asuna bin ladin live?

The caves of Afghanistan.


Do alerts from the National Terrorism Advisory System apply only to the US and its possessions?

The NTAS system alerts are specific to the U.S. and its possessions.


Why is terrorism a threat?

Terrorism is a threat because terrorists cause terror. Just like their name implies. Most terrorists are very radical, often blowing up themselves and others around them. An example of this are the twin towers from September 11, 2001. The towers were both destroyed. An example of a terrorist is Osama Bin Laden, who planed the 9/11 attack and was recently killed.


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