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Q: Is that clicking sound a relay fuse when you press on brakes?
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Why does your 2000 Chevy blazer Turn signal flasher not shut off?

probably have a bad relay, that was my problem.. Are your turn signals not working, but your hazards lights are? and if so, do you hear a constant clicking sound, like your turn signal is turned on? Does the clicking sound go away when you hit the brakes? It is the relay.

Grinding clicking sound when you drive?

Check your brakes(pads and rotors)

Why do you hear a clicking sound when you apply the brakes?

Your bicycle, or your hearing is defective

What makes the clicking sound When you turn on your turn signal?

the flasher relay.

I have a clicking sound that comes from the dash or high firewall behind steering wheel its a relay click sound only when I press on the brake while in motion . Any Idea's?

i have the same problem. a soft clicking sound coming from the dash.other post implied that its probably a relay. but who knows. i recently got a car alarm installed and ever since that day ive been hearing the sound.

Where is the horn relay located on this car?

A good way to fine the horn relay if you dont have a manual is to pull the wire on the horn then have somewon press the horn button .... beep beep beep you will hear a clicking sound which will help you locate the relay

When key is turned you hear a clicking sound?

A clicking sound, when trying to start the engine, indicates a dead battery or poor (dirty) battery or starter relay connections.The clicking sound is the starter relay(soleniod) not getting enough power to hold it's contact points together.

Why does your car make clicking sound and try to die when you hit the brakes while driving?

try not to jam the brakes tap them slowly it might help

93 grand Cherokee Laredo wont start clicking noise from relay box when you turn key to start position Most of the clicking sound is coming from the fuel pump relay What is going on?

The Cherokee Laredo usually has an electromagnet in the relay box to close or open the circuit in the fuel pump relay. When it is faulty, it will make more attempts to click on or off and that repetitive process causes the annoying clicking sound.

Where is the location of the one touch down relay on a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer?

underneath the dash near where the gas and brakes pedals are located. You can work the drivers side door window button to help you find it as you will hear the clicking sound

What is the clicking noise coming from the glove comapartmet sounds like the turn signals but they are not onand the sound goes away when the brakes are applied?

It is your turn signal relay located behind the glove compartment. I have replaced mine and still had the same clicking/buzzing sound. It's most like your turn signal arm because it has a cluster of wires in there and they can't get loose.

1992 acura legend makes a clicking sound when you slow down?

check the brakes usually click when pads get thin

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