Is the 90 year old male virgin still living?

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Can a 21-year-old male get a contract for a 15-year-old girl to live with him?

no i think that's wrong and sick go find some one your own age. Answer I am not sure I understand correctly, are you asking if you can become a 15 year old's gaurdian or if you can "live with" them in a relationship? I will assume it is the latter, and no, it is not allowed and you could end up i ( Full Answer )

Why do many people assume that you are still a virgin if you are living with your parents for years after graduating from college?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIts an independence thing. People will assume that if you're not "confident" enough to move out on your own, get a job, and live your own life in your own house; Then what makes you confident enough to date, let alone have sex with someone. In my opinion, I don't really th ( Full Answer )

What problems might you encounter having your 90-year-old parents live with you?

Answer . \nFirst - physical issues. Are you in an apartment? Is is upstairs? If not, are either of your parents in a wheelchair? Are your doors wide enough to accomodate one? Do you have handholds in your shower or tub?\n. \nSecond - Privacy issues. Are your parents willing to give up some of t ( Full Answer )

I am 17 years old and I lost my virginity 3 days ago. I had unprotected sex but he pulled out. I am still bleeding. Is it normal for me to still be bleeding?

Answer . 1. Pulling out is only effective 75% of the time. Do not use this "method" of contraception.. 2. Normally after a female becomes sexually active, they should visit their OB/GYN. If that is not possible, at least try to discuss this with a doctor.. 3. No, you should not still be bleedi ( Full Answer )

A 13 year old virgin?

Is competely normal. Most ppl have sex the first time at age 15-17. A lot of kids in school say they are doing it but it's all lies.

Is 90 beats per minute a normal resting heart beat for a 22 year old male?

The average resting heartbeat for all humans before reaching theage of approximately 45 is 72 beats per minute. 90 BPM as a restingpulse is high when compared to the average. However, there is nocause for alarm as long as you are healthy and not having anysymptoms of a problem. A higher pulse simply ( Full Answer )

What percent of Americans live to be 90 years old?

The total population of the U.S. in 2010 was approximately 308,000,000 and the approximate population 90 years or older was 1.9 million. Anyone who understands how to calculate percentage will find that the percentage of the population over 90 was approximately 0.62%, less than 1% of the population. ( Full Answer )

How old is the oldest male virgin?

It has been know that the oldest male virgin is only the age of 18. Studies are not always correct though.

Which Presidents lived to be 90 years old?

Gerald Ford lived for 93 years and 165 days, Ronald Reagan lived for 93 years and 120 days. John Adams lived for 90 years and 247 days, Herbert Hoove r lived for 90 years and 71 days,

What if i have 23 years and i am still a virgin?

I don't know what you mean by you have 23 years but i consider I a good thing to still be a virgin. I know people that are 30 years old and are still a virgin. So my advice would to keep your self until you find the right person and you marry them then I would so ahead but I applaude you for still b ( Full Answer )

Is there anything wrong health wise with being a 40 year old male virgin?

There is nothing wrong to be a virgin. It is a sign of purity and a dignified person. Personally I think if you mean 'mentally health wise', then yes for some people it could cause them to go insane. For others it would be fine. If you wanted to have sex since 25 years ago and still haven't had it, ( Full Answer )

Can a 39 year old female virgin that has recently had hysterectomy oopherectomy find a loving male partner?

Of course. However, it seems to me the surgery is less an issue than your age. All you have really lost is your ability to conceive and carry a baby. This is a function you would lose naturally to menopause very soon anyway. By the late 30s early 40s most guys who are interested in a loving relat ( Full Answer )

Can macaws live to be 90 years old?

yes, its like people, its great if you lived till 90, but there is never a guarentee that you (or macaws) will live that long.

Is 140 over 90 good blood pressure for a 43 year old male?

The average blood pressure is about 130 over 85, so your score is a touch on the elevated side, but nothing to fret about. It may be that you are stressed or have done some vigorous exercise. If you do still have jittters, consult your GP for advice.

If a male pentrates a female with his penis is she still a virgin?

There are all sorts of moral, cultural, and religious loopholes that can be applied here. Talk to a trusted adult to ask which ones may apply to you. However... The basic answer is no. In very basic terms, a virgin is someone that has never had sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is contact ( Full Answer )

Consequences of an 18 year old male living with 16 year old female?

Use birth control, or a likely consequence would be an unwanted pregnancy. Even if the two of you would like to have children together, it's too early for that, give it a few more years at least. There could be lots of other consequences. Doubtlessly there are some people who will disapprove of s ( Full Answer )

Will a 27 year old male can still grow taller?

I believe it's different for everyone, there is a possibility you can. I suggest you check your doctor doctor and have an x-ray to see if your Growth Plates have fused. See if your doctor can provide Human Growth Hormone (HGH) treatment which can help to stimulate extra growth. If they have fused al ( Full Answer )

Is 157 over 90 considered a high blood pressure for a 50 year old male?

Normal blood pressure is around 120/70 but the numbers can be slightly higher or lower and still be within normal limits. The first number is the diastolic pressure; the second number is the systolic number. Each reflects a different part of the heart's action and the literal "pressure" exerted agai ( Full Answer )

Is 90 over 58 a good blood pressure for a 35 Year old male?

90/58 is a bit low, as 125/70 is considered "normal". Do you drink enough water? Maybe have a talk with your doctor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As the previous answerer notes, 90/58 is a low pressure reading. The ( Full Answer )

What can cause a chest infection in a 90 year old male?

Could be caused by the fact they are of an old age meaning their Immune system is very low. If the cough is chesty and lower down then you should check in to hospital for antibiotics as because they are of an elder age it could develop into bunnies.

Is 160 over 90 high for 80 year old male?

Yes, blood pressure of 160/90 has the designation of the stage II hypertension for a person of any age as of now. The Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure is working on a new report and they plan to release in the spring of 2012.

What is the normal blood pressure for a 22 year old male at 90 kilos weight 190 cms?

Blood pressure varies considerably, especially as you age. So providing your age plays an important role in blood pressure averages. Systolic Blood Pressure ranges would be: Average 120 Low 108 High 132 Diastolic Blood Pressure ranges would be: Average 79 Low 73 High 83 These averages are ba ( Full Answer )

I am 13 years old and I am late on my period but I am still a virgin?

This is normal. Anything up to 7 days variation from your normal menstrual cycle isnormal, but even if it is later than this it's still absolutelyfine because irregular cycles are normal at your age - your bodymay not be mature enough to ovulate regularly thus you will notmenstruate regularly, and ( Full Answer )

Is it possible for a person to live to beyond 80 or 90 years old?

Yes! While historically, some people lived or now live to over 100years old, the median age at death in the 1800s was between 40-50years of age. In the 1900s, with advances in medicine and discoveryof bacteria and antibiotics, the median age at death doubled, to atleast 80 years old. Today it is muc ( Full Answer )

Is 142 over 90 good blood pressure for a 67 year old white male?

Nope. Doesn't matter what your age is, your blood pressure shouldbe down around 120/70 or 120/80. Both of your numbers are high,which means you need to see a doctor about starting a bloodpressure lowering regimen. You'll probably start with diet andexercise, but you might have to take medication to ( Full Answer )