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Is the Arab-Israeli conflict about religion?

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No. Religion is a very small part of the war and is often used (incorrectly) to label Israelis and Arabs since most Israelis are Jewish and most Arabs are Muslim. However, there are many Muslim Israelis and Christian Arabs and Christian Israelis.

For a discussion of the other numerous causes of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, see the Related Question.

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AnswerAn early example of religion and conflict was the crusades. A modern example of religion and conflict is jihad. Some may say that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is an example of religious conflict, but this is probably more about land and ethnic pride.

Actually, religion do not cause the conflict, it is the persons that misinterpretate religion the ones who cause the conflicts.

People are not in conflict with ideas, they are in conflict with other people who have opposing ideas. Religious conflict in particular is usually characterized by one religion conflicting with another religion, rather than by man vs. religion. Although there are atheists who oppose the idea of religion in general. That has generally been an intellectual debate, rather than a conflict.

The conflict between science and religion in 19th century was about the creation accounts.

To the extent that religion wants to claim to be true, it can be disproven by science. To the extent that religion wants to claim to be mysterious, unknowable, and a poem, there is no conflict.

Hatred, Anger, Racism, War, Sexism, Cicvil, Individual conflict, Political conflict, Friendship conflict. Religion conflict

Religion and or resources.

religion doesn't make conflict. The people who follow the religion make conflict, by not respecting other religion's beliefs, and making stereotypes.

I am not sure how ant killer has anything to do with driving the human-Cyclon conflict and with religion. This is very confusing and I am unable to answer your question.

There were two. The conflict between Salem Village and Salem Town and the conflict between reason and religion.

There is no religious conflict in ethiopia. The conflict is between two major religion and government.

Please refine the question to be for example; Do scientists generally dispute religion? - or - Do scientists dispute about religion? - or - Does science conflict with religion? - or - ...etc

Religion can be a source of major conflict between country and people when there is a forced religion by the state. For example, if Canada designated a single religion for our country and all other religions were not allowed to be practised, there would be conflict between the other religious groups and the state.

We answer questions; we don't do essays.

cultural conflict occurs between human only peoples they have not enough faith in their religion

Randall B. Bush has written: 'Recent ideas of divine conflict' -- subject(s): Conflict (Psychology), God, History, History of doctrines, Psychology and religion, Religion and sociology, Social conflict, Trinity

There are many reasons for conflict. However, some common culprits of conflict include religion, money, as well as personal relationships.

being a certain color and having the same religion as the white people is the conflict

The major sources of conflict were language, religion, and economics.

It is a conflict between the English and the Irish. The English were all protestant, and the Irish were all Catholic. The English came into Ireland and took all their land, their government, their freedom, and turned them into a nation of serfs. It was not a conflict of religion, it was a conflict of an invading nation that did everything in their power to suppress the religion of the natives.

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