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The Pacific is more calm then the Atlantic. Pacific means 'peaceful'. So dur-the Pacific is more calm then the Atlantic.



BOTH oceans can be very calm or very rough, and by no means evenly thanks to their sheer area! One of the most commonly calm sea areas is in the tropical Atlantic, and named "the Doldrums" by ancient sea-farers who found their sailing-ships becalmed for days or weeks at a time there.

And- you don't understand why the name "Pacific". It was calm in that region at that time of first sited by European explorers (Vasco de Gama?); so they must have assumed that was its normal state and named it thus.

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Q: Is the Atlantic or the Pacific ocean more calm?
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What ocean is saltier Atlantic or pacific?

The Atlantic ocean Is more saltier then the Pacific ocean.

Is the Atlantic ocean more salty than the pacific ocean?

Yes Atlantic Ocean is more saline than Pacific Ocean.

Are more sharks in the Atlantic or pacific ocean?


Pacific ocean or Atlantic ocean coldest?

Atlantic is colder becauseit is near the Arctic ocean more than the pacific is .

Do more US rivers flow into the Pacific Ocean or Atlantic Ocean?


Do more river in the united state flow into the Atlantic or the pacific ocean?

Atlantic Ocean.

Would the Atlantic and the pacific ocean cover more surface area than the pacific and Indian ocean?

The pacific ocean.

MNy more states border the Atlantic than the pacific?

More states border the Atlantic Ocean than do the Pacific Ocean. There are 14 states that border the Atlantic and only five that border the Pacific.

Have more presidents been born near the Atlantic or the pacific ocean?

Answer:The Pacific Ocean is the answer because it is a lot bigger than the Atlantic Ocean.

Do more rivers int the US flow into the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean?

More rivers flow into the Atlantic than the Pacific.

Why are the Pacific and Atlantic considered as two separate oceans when they are both connected together?

Wow what a good question all I know is the pacific is considered more calm then the Atlantic. Also the Indian ocean is also connected together

What do more tsunamis occur in the pacific ocean or in the Atlantic ocean?

in the pacific ocean because of the ring of fire (where a lot of active volcanoes are)

Why the pacific ocean has so many trenches and Atlantic ocean does not?

more volcanic activity

Do more rivers in the US flow into the Atlantic or the pacific ocean?

The Pacific Ocean, mainly due to Alaska. However, just counting the contiguous US, then the answer is the Atlantic.

Are there more states that border the pacific ocean than the Atlantic ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean has more bordered states than Pacific. For each of these States, the eastern-most border meets the Atlantic Ocean:MaineNew HampshireMassachusettsConnecticutNew YorkNew JerseyDelawareRhode IslandMarylandVirginiaNorth CarolinaSouth CarolinaGeorgiaFloridaOn the Pacific side...AlaskaWashingtonOregonCaliforniaHawaii

Which coast of the US are scallops more comon--the Atlantic coat or the pacific coast?

The Pacific Ocean.

Is the Atlantic Ocean warmer than the Pacific Ocean?

yes, it is 16 degrees Fahrenheit more.

Is Pacific ocean dangerous then Atlantic ocean?

they are both the exact same, it's just that more people travel through the Pacific.

9 On which coast of the US are scallops more common -- the Atlantic coast or the Pacific coast?

The Atlantic Ocean:)

Many more states border the Atlantic ocean than the pacific ocean and what accounts for this?

Because some parts of the atlantic ocean is armed with the gulf of mexico

Why is the pacific ocean more active than the Atlantic ocean for hurricanes?

Atlantic hurricanes only form in the North Atlantic (one hurricane ever reported in the South Atlantic) while hurricanes can form in the North and South Pacific Oceans.

Which world regions hurricanes?

Hurricanes are experienced more in the Pacific Ocean. The western Pacific experiences more hurricanes. The Atlantic and the Indian Ocean also experience hurricanes.

How much more in square miles is the pacific than the Atlantic ocean?

The Pacific Ocean is 63.8 million sq miles in size, while the Atlantic Ocean is 31.8 million sq miles, which make a difference of 32 million sq miles. Which makes the Pacific Ocean twice as large as the Atlantic Ocean.( Figures taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica )

What are the main bodies of water in the world?

Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic ocean, need more there are dozens of seas.

Is Atlantic the largest ocean in the world?

The largest ocean in the world is the Pacific, followed in order of size by: The Atlantic The Indian Ocean The Southern Ocean The Arctic Ocean For more information, see the related link.