Is the BBC Muzzy language learning series for children worth its hefty price?

* I used to watch these as a child. They work well and children tend to respond to them. * This product is a series of connected stories over which multiple languages have been dubbed. My experience has been with Chinese and a multi-lingual child age 5-years. She responded marginally as her basic vocabulary was not sufficient to comprehend the meaning or context of the stories. However, she returned to the series at age 8-years and appeared to benefit from the exposure. Thus, it appears that children should have a basic vocabulary (possibly 200 words) in the language area of the chosen program prior to exposure.

* excellent and effective overall design for language learning, as one should expect from the BBC, and i indeed yearn for such to be available for language learning with my young children. however there are major role model problems, which, coming from the BBC, is a major disappointment, and i am not at all pleased to present such role models to my children.

muzzy, the revered protagonist, strikes casual backhanded blows to those who annoy him.

the 3 main confidence roles and the 2 main evil roles are all male.

female roles are accessory roles, queen is obese, princess is twirp and quickly a mother.

dark skin tones appear only for character roles of evil or insignificance.

i do like that albert models choosing to ride a bicycle, that at least is appropriate for our times.