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Narrow Body

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Q: Is the Boeing 757 a wide-body or narrow-body jet?
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Is the Boeing 757 a wide body or narrow body jet?

a Boeing 757 is a narrow body jet airliner

What type of propeller used on 757 Boeing?

The 757 is a jet airplane. It does not have propellors.

How much does a Boeing 757 weigh?

A Boeing 757 weighs from 220,000 pounds up to a maximum of 255,000 pounds. The 757 is a mid-size jet airliner.

About how far can a 757 jet travel on a full tank of fuel?

It honestly depends on what type of 757 you use. 757-200, -200F, -200WL, or -300 Boeing 757-200: 3,900 nautical miles Boeing 757-200F: 3,150 nautical miles Boeing 757-200WL: 4,100 nautical miles Boeing 757-300: 3,467 nautical miles

How many miles per gallon of jet fuel does a Boeing 757 passenger jet get?

let's ask this question: what is the per head mpg of a Boeing 737 or Airbus 310?

How fast can a Boeing 757 travel at 1000 feet?

A Boeing 757 jet can reach speeds of 485 knots. 485 knots is equal to 558.12 miles per hour or 898.22 kilometers per hour.

What kind of plane crashed in the field on September 11 2001?

The plane was a Boeing 757 that crashed in a field on September 11, 2001. It is considered a jumbo jet by many in case you don't know what a Boeing 757 is.

Which of 737 747 757 767 and 777 is NOT a twin-engine jet?

All of those Boeing aircraft are twin jet except the 747 which has 4.

Does Bill Gates have a private jet?

Yes, he partially owns a Boeing Business Jet, as a member of Netjets. He also owns a Boeing 757...yes that one. Oh and he bought his sister one as well I heard.

How many MPH can Boeing 757 Jet fly?

At cruise altitude (35,000ft) the average cruise speed is 460 knots - 530mph.

Why is iron maiden so awesome?

Because they have sold over 70 million albums worldwide,their concerts are legendary and they own a Boeing 757 jet...nuff said!

How are a jet aircraft and a Boeing 747 alike?

A Boeing 747 is a jet aircraft, so this is a strange question.

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