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Answer: Yes & No. Always read the label and ask questions...
Yes, because some products - including many made in the United States - contain a chemical called Formaldehyde, which can pose long term health risks and should be avoided at all costs.

But also NO.

Because many of the latest products - especially the newest brands of Escova Progressiva, or Brazilian Blowout, that actually come from Brazil are completely safe. That's because the Governemnt toughened up legislation in Brazil after the health concerns first came up. Now a new generation of Keratin hair straighteners have been developed which use safer chemicals. (Look out for names like Zene Progress & Escova Intelligente, you can buy both online, direct from Brazil)

The best advice is to always read the label or, if you're having the treatment in a salon, ask your stylist about what's in the bottle. Information is Queen!

Can I hype my blog here? I have lots of info on Brazilian hair products, hair straightening and hair stuff in general...

(Am I allowed to do that? Maybe I need a Wiki-answer...)
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