Is the Buddha good luck or bad luck?

== == Buddhism requires one to live a deep and simple life away from worldly distractions, pleasures and pitfalls. If you adhere to the concepts of Buddhism and find peace within yourself it can be presumed Buddha is good luck-
if Being a Buddhist distances yourself from things you value, such as family, exotic foods movies or world travel it might make you unhappy and therefore be perceived as bad luck.

Luck can be considered coincidence, divine, or even earned so it is all based on what you believe.
== == Good luck If you know the methodology of "Probability", you will not believe in good luck or bad luck. he is very wise, anti-racise, a super hero, a god of vevenge, a bolt of lighting from the clear sky. Answer Buddha is God of Luck. So Much Content may be found here, just click on any item and it will provide so much information about good luck buddha