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Is the Dutch West India Company around today?

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What is the nationality of the original European settlers of what you today call New York City?

They were the Dutch Traders of Dutch West India Company from the Netherlands.

What were the number of tigers in the year 2004 in India?

Around 1400. Today, there are around 1800 tigers in the wild in India.

Where is Hinduism practiced around the world today?


How many cars are in India today?

around 10,75,99,999

Is the Sega company still around today?


What European power create a settlement at Cape Town in South Africa?

This question has been answered many times in wiki answers. The Dutch East India company established a victualing station in 1652 where Cape Town is situated today.

Does the British East India Company exists today?

Yes - very much.butit is owned by an indian

What is Today in Dutch?


How many tigers were there in India in 2004?

Around 1500 Bengal tigers in India at that time. Today, there are 1800-1900.

What is 'How are you doing today' in Dutch?

" Hoe gaat het vandaag?" is the Dutch translation for "How are you doing today?"

Location of Chulia Kampong in Singapore today?

It is in the area around Little India.

Were is the Sikhism religion practiced today?

All around the world, but mostly in India.

How many tigers were there in India in 2000?

Around 1500. Today, there are nearly 1800.

What are some dutch words that you use today?

some dutch words that we still use today are cookie waffle and coal.

Why did the dutch settle in cape town?

The Dutch settled in Cape Town because of the ship trade routes around the Cape. This was the main route during the 1600's for the Dutch East Indian Company towards India and the rest of Asia. It was long before the Suez canal existed of course. Therefore there was a need for a halfway station in order to supply ships passing the Cape with fresh supplies. Scurvy was a massive problem and the Cape could supply the sailors with fresh food such as vegetables and meat. The Company chose Jan van Riebeeck for this task of starting a settlement for this purpose. He arrived in what is today Cape Town in 1652.

What is the name of the social structure of India in the past?

The Caste System, which is still around today.

When did big business start in the US?

This is tough to define. The birth of the corporation dates back to Rome. The first corporation as we know it is the Dutch East India Company founded in 1602. American business started to become what it is today in the later half of the 1800's with the industrial revolution.

Who was the writer of India today book?

who writes the book india today

How many Bengal Tigers were there in the world before 2000?

Around 2500. Today, there are around 2300, with aound 1800 of these in India.

How many tigers are alive in total number in India today?

Probably around 2000 presently.

How did ancient India influence India today?

Ancient India has a lot of influences today. The stereotypes still remain.

How many Indian Bengal tigers are left today?

The population of the Bengal tiger is around 2400 in the wild, with around 1500 of these in India.

Radio stations of India today group?

India Today has 3 Radio stations

Who built the Mayflower?

The Darley Ship Building Company, so this basically is saying the Darleys' did and they are still around today and the Company too!

What were dutch farmers in south Africa called?

Boer, which is Dutch for farmer. This name is still in use today