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Can be either, depends on how you want it. Inside is preferable if you want to get pregnant, and outside is a very unreliable way of avoiding pregnancy.

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Artificial insemination (AI) is the deliberate introduction of semen into a female for the purpose of fertilization, by means other than ejaculation directly into the vagina or oviduct.In this process, very cleaned semen by doctors placed inside the uterus called womb of women.i hope this helped ^^

Chunks in your semen are normal. Semen contains clotting factors that clump the sperm together with other ejaculate components upon contact with the vagina. This is done as a defensive mechanism.

If you have unprotected sex (no condom) then you may get pregnant even if the man does not ejaculate inside the vagina. Men can secrete seminal fluid (pre-cum) that contains sperm when they have an erection and, during sex, this is deposited in the vagina. The "pull out" method of birth control is risky due to this and I would suggest always using a condom during sex for this reason.

That is not possible to get pregnant, when you swallow the semen. But still you may get pregnancy. It is always advised to to get the pregnancy test done periodically, if you do not get the periods. There are high chances that your partner will touch his semen and then your vagina. The same thing can be done by you also. That way you will get the pregnancy. This can happen with out your knowledge. This is much more common than you think.

Sure, it's called artificial insemination where semen is artificially deposited. This is done all the time in zoos and farms. There is also en vitro fertilization where the egg(s) are inserted once fertilized in the lab. It is also possible to get pregnant if semen is ejaculated onto the area of the outside of the vagina. Some can still make it up inside and cause pregnancy.

There is almost always some "back flow" following sexual intercourse where the boy has ejaculated inside. This is because the semen becomes more liquid in the acidic environment of the vagina and it runs out. The semen has done it's job by delivering the sperm to the cervix, providing them with nutrients and a more pH balanced environment for them to swim in. Once they are past the cervix, they are "swimming" within the fluids present in the uterus, semen does not generally penetrate the cervix very deeply, if at all. Never take the re-appearance of semen following intercourse, as assurance that you will not become pregnant. Answer 1 yes it got in,

well you put it inside a vagina and that sterilizes it, once that is done you get her to put it into a bottle and then its fine to drink

You cannot become pregnant by dry humping unless semen comes into contact with the vagina, otherwise dry humping is done with clothes on and therefore the penis and vagina do not come in close contact of each other as they are separated by clothes.

Pregnancy occurs when semen enters the vagina and fertilizes an egg, and then only. If no semen entered your vagina (or the area outside your vagina, since sperm can swim), there is no chance you can get pregnant. If the condom was put on properly and did not break, there is an extremely low chance you can be pregnant. If you did not bleed much after intercourse, most likely it is coincidence that your cycle was almost over.

A girl gets pregnant by having semen in her vagina. Breaking the hymen can be done by just your fingers, and can a finger really get you pregnant?(;

AnswerIt depends on how much damage was done by the MI.Prognosis of an MI is best determined by evaluating the ejection fraction of the heart before discharge. Ejection fraction is measured by the following; end systolic volume / end diastolic volume. Measurement of the ejection fraction post MI, assess the damage that has done to the myocardium secondary to the MI.

When a man has done "it" with her. The penis needs to be inside the vagina for a woman to lose her virginity. For further information, message me and I can add on further to this

Yes, it is possible. Sperm can migrate, so it is possible to get pregnant even if the ejaculate lands on the vulva rather than inside the vagina. It is even more possible when you put the fluid in manually! ---------- Yes, that's pretty much how artificial insemination is done.

It's usually done by two penises. One inside the vagina and the other one in the anus at the same time. It's also done by some other methods. 1. Double vaginal means two penises in the vagina. 2. Double anal means two penises in the anus. They also refer it to as double stuffing.

no, just 1 microscopic sperm is all that's needed, get a pregnancy test done if your worried.

The word transvaginal means through the vagina. An example is when an ultrasound is done very early in a pregnancy it has to be done by inserting a device into the vagina.

It is unlikely that you actually need to widen your vagina, but if you do, it can be done by means of plastic surgery.

Very slight but still possible. That's why the pull out method is not advised even if the male has excellent self control. Pre ejaculate still contains a very small amount of semen.

There are no tests done on this.

Hello there. No you wont be pregnant hun. Yes it is very possible to become pregnant from precum but based on what you have said, it is highly unlikely conception has taken place in your case. So dont worry but in future ALWAYS use a condom.

Yes, if you just got done putting your finger in a different vagina that has an STD.

Before the ejaculation, during the act of sex there is something called pre ejaculation fluid coming out from penis. Actually this is for lubrication purpose and to make the sex more pleasurable. This fluid may contain some sperms and there is a chance of woman getting pregnant even the semen is released outside the vagina.

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