Is the Federal Govenment incapable of securing your borders because of OIL?

The US government is capable of securing its borders, however, oil is not one of the reasons the southern border with Mexico is so porous. Two main reasons for this have been offered by critics as to why this situation exists, although other reasons may or may not speak directly to the question.One reason the Federal government does not secure the border is for political reasons. Hispanic Americans are in favor of increasing the size of the Hispanic population. This will give them more power in government. In fact the Hispanic population of the USA exceeds the Afro-American population. Based on politics, certain members of the Democratic Party, do not want to offend Hispanic voters, who by a large majority vote Democratic. In addition the millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico, when and if they become citizens, able to vote, will also be Democratic voters.

The other reason comes from a group that cannot be said to be counted on as Democratic or Republican voters. These people are business owners who know that they can pay illegal immigrants low wages without severe penalties if caught.