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The name of the religion is "Islam", a "Muslim" is a person who believes in Islam.

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Are the Muslim religion and Islam the same beliefs?

Islam is the religon of Muslims so people who follow the religon of Islam are Muslims.

What is the differences of Islam and Muslim?

There is no diffrence it is the same religon

What religon is same as Islam?

there is no religion that is the same as islam! Islam is a complete religion no offence is meant to any other person in any other religion!

Is Islam the same thing as Muslim?

Islam is the religion & Muslim is the person who follows it.

Does Muslim and Islam mean the same thing?

Islam is the religion. A Muslim is someone who practices Islam.

Is Muslims same as Islam?

Muslim is who follows Islam religion

What is the differnce between Islam and Muslim?

Islam is the Religion of Muslims. A Muslim is a person who follows Islam. Example: I am a Muslim so My Religion is Islam. Muslim is a Person. Islam is a Religion. It is the same as the difference of Christianity and Christians. Christianity is the Religion and a Christian is a person. A person who follows Christainity is a Christain.

Is Muslim and Islam the same basic religious beliefs?

"Muslim" is a person who follows the religion "Islam".

What is the difference between the religion of a Muslim and an Islamic?

The religion is the same for both which is the Islam religion. The follower of Islam religion is called Muslim. However, some people by mistake call the follower of Islam religion an Islamic .

Is the musslem and Islam the same religion?

yes they are Islam is the name of the religion and Muslim is the name of a person that believe the religion

Is Judaism is Muslim?

No, Judaism is a different religion from Islam. they are not the same.

Are muslums and Islams the same?

Islam is the name for the religion and Muslim is what practitioners of Islam are called. Muslim can be pluralized to Muslims. Islam is never made plural.

Are Muslim and Islam the same thing?

Unfortunately, these terms are used interchangeably in todays society. However, Islam is a religion, while a Muslim is an follower of Islam. Muslim can also be used as an adjective describing something as Islamic. IS MUSLIM AND ISLAM THE SAME THING THOUGH.?

How was Muslim empires similar to Islam empires?

They are the same thing. Muslims are the followers of the religion of Islam.

IS Muslim Persian same religion?

No Muslims are people who follow the religion of Islam and Persian is not an religion its a ethnic group.

Is the quran of Islam the same as the Muslim quran?

Muslims follow the religion of Islam. Therefore, the Quran of Islam is the Quran of the Muslims.

How has the Muslim religion changed throughout the last 200 years?

Muslim religion that is Islam has not changed one bit .Its the same and will remain the same till the day of judgement.

Is Muslim and Malay the same meaning?

A Muslim is an adherent of the religion Islam. Malay is the name of the language spoken in Malaysia.

How are Muslims and Islam different?

Islam is the religion that Muslim people follow, in the same way that Judaism is the religion practiced by Jews and that Christians follow Christianity.

Is Muslims the same as Islam religion?

No, not the same. Islam is the religion. Muslims are the followers of Islam religion or the people who believe in Islam religion.

Are Muslim and Islam the same?

Muslims are the people who practice the religion of Islam........................answer:One who believes has submitted to the commandments of Allah; that is, one becomes a Muslim. In brief, every Mu'min is a Muslim and every Muslim is a Mu'min. The knowledge pertaining to belief and practice is termed Islam.

What happen to Islam?

Nothing. Islam is the same as it has always been but Muslims themselves have changed. The Muslim People have forgot about the Importance of following their religion (Islam)

Is muslum the same as Islam?

The word is "muslim", not "muslum". No, they are not the same, but they are related. Islam is the name of the religion, while muslim is the name given to the believers. Same difference as, for example, between "Christianity" and "Christian" (if the latter refers to the believer).

Is Hinduism and Islam the same religon?

Islam is the best religion it teaches things like - peace, humanity and non-violence, and the most popular religion in the world and i am not bias because i'm reading all the teachings

Is Islam the same as Muslim?

Islam is not the same as Muslim they have differences! thanks J.S from yr 8

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