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The KKK aren't that violent like murdering people randomly but they do have land in some places in America where they do have weapons like high powered shotguns and assault rifles.

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they do not lynch they are less violent

Yes they do. the KKK is still around today but their isn't many KKK members now. there is about 6,000 KKK members who's still alive today. Some KKK members are still alive from the 2nd KKK which lasted from 1915-1944.

Yes, the KKK is still here. There are about 1,000 members in the KKK today.

In some far off cities there are still some members of the KKK

The KKK still exhists today. So technically, they have never dissapeared.

yes they still do and theyre still racis

Yes but most are in hiding.

I believe KKK started when the civil war ended, and yes they are still around today, particularly in the south.

Nope it's illegal today. They can't hurt nobody that goes for all race. But the kkk still exict.

they never ened today their still around but sercetted

yes, but they are down from 6 million in 1920s to about 8,000 today

Yes, there are still a few chapters here and there but they arnt as popular as they were in the late 1920's

yes there was the klu kux klan (kkk) which is still going on today.

They totally affect how we live today. We have people who are still racist and people who still truley dont believe blacks and whites are not the same.

Yes, unfortunately. There membership has grown since President Obama was elected.

the south created the KKK that is still here today normally in Texas

The KKK was originally organized following the Civil War in the late 19th century, and it still exists today in the 21st century.They are still alive and killing but less in numbers and mostly just in Alabama

Yes, but they can't voice their opinions as well today as they used to be able too. That's why you don't hear as much about them.

...No the KKK is still very alive...

The remnants of the KKK are impotent and there is no evidence of any KKK-related murder in many years.

Yes, the KKK still exists in 2012, sadly.

it was a violent, racist group that was formed to opposed equal rights to african americans.

Yes, the KKK wanted blacks to remain slaves. Violent upheavals occurred when blacks began to fight for their civil rights.

I really think they are dead but we never know they chould have been regrouping and if they are or did they are probly going after somebody

KKK disappeared because they were becoming too violent, and so their leader disbanded the Klan and so they faded. they then rose again during the 1920's, but the government sentenced all the Klan members for violent outlashes on African Americans, and the Ku Klux Klan is back again in the United States still to this day... because of what was going on in ferguson, and St.Louis.

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