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Is the Netgear WG111 wireless USB adapter compatible with Linux?

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βˆ™ 2007-10-13 09:48:35

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It works well using ndiswrapper on Mandriva 2007 but it is not natively supported.

2007-10-13 09:48:35
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The "easiest" way is to use a Linux OS CD designed for that purpose along with a Linux-compatible wireless adapter that supports injection. should give you many points to start.

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The operating system included with this Netbook is HP Mobile Internet, which is built on Linux. So, yes, this Netbook is compatible with Linux.

How do you use a Netgear WPN111 on Ubuntu?

This requires installing ndiswrapper and "wrapping" the Windows drivers. There are no native Linux drivers for your wireless card yet. You can find a more detailed tutorial in the Related links section below.

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The WRT54GL is indeed compatible with Windows Vista (and all other PCs and Macs).

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ofcourse they are ! most of hem are linux base.

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MEPIS, or any other Linux distribution, is not directly compatible with Windows. Most files, like documents, movies, and music, can be used and enjoyed on MEPIS. MEPIS cannot natively support Windows programs. Wine, an application layer, can be used to run about 70% of Windows programs. MEPIS is not compatible with Windows drivers, though it has a program known as "ndiswrapper" to make a wireless card work with a Windows driver if Linux doesn't have one.

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Cloud computing is in fact compatible with the Linux operating system. If I'm not mistaken, you can actually do cloud computing on any operating system.

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Netgear have been making routers for many years now. The N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router will work with all platforms(Windows, Mac and Linux and is easy to setup. With a throughput of 5 GHz, it would be ideal for your business.

Which Linux distribution are Intel compatible?

ubuntu, mandriva, and SUSE

What Operating Systems is compatible with LexMark X8350?

Windows / Linux..

Is Minecraft only compatible with windows?

no, it can go on mac and Linux

Is Empire Total War compatible with Linux?

No. There is no native version for Linux, and the Windows version does not function under Wine.

How can you set wireless on Linux Eee PC?

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Is Linux compatible with Windows?

Not directly, no. Some Windows software can be used on Linux by using an application layer known as "Wine."

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There are several different tax software compatible with Linux. You can use Tax Act. Is another software that people use when the Linux is not available.

When you run Linux mint from Live CD or USB can you get wifi connection through wireless?

Most Linux distributions including CD and USB do support wireless adapters. The problem is that not all adapters are supported.

Where can I get my Linux certification ?

Talked about on the second wireless summit, it might be a good thing to have a "wireless Linux" certification. There should be different levels for this and the details need to be worked out. Why do we want to certify? (by David Christian Berg) Let me start with a short story. Some months ago I walked in to a small computer store at my university town and asked for a WLAN card for my PCMCIA slot that would work under my Linux setup. They couldn't help me. It took them two weeks to figure out, that the very expensive Netgear card I'm using now should be suitable. And it took recompiling my kernel to make it work.

Is Adobe Fireworks compatible with ubuntu?

There is no Linux version of Adobe Fireworks. However, you can run the Windows version on Linux if you have Wine installed.