Is the Philippines a MEDC or LEDC?

Philippines is a MEDC. - More Economic Developed Country.

Some people say that it is an LEDC, but they only say this because of the negative pictures they see from the Internet and mostly because of the eruption back in 1991, but they haven't really been to the Philippines. So .. Before you say anything about the Philippines, make sure that you have been there and you are right.

Also, some people ask 'if it is an LEDC, where do they get their money from?'

Most teachers in school say that, they get it from the Americans, but that is not true.

Yes, it is true that some people are poor but doesn't mean that everyone is, there are lots of wealthy people in the Philippines as they have massive houses.

For example, in England, they're poor and wealthy people but it doesn't mean it is an MEDC... because you have no idea how they can manage.. or whatever...