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Is the Pokemon spiritomb only a girl?


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no. you can get male spiritomb.


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No the only exeption is spiritomb only it can lay eggs

Manaphy is the only legendary that can breed but it can only breed with a Ditto to get a Phione.also spiritomb

Spiritomb isn't in Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal at all.

Spiritomb may only be found via Dream World (Spooky Manor) or Poké Transfer from a previous generation.

yes but only if you recruit it or get it from a mission

there is spiritomb in pokemon black and white too.There is one person......................................................... Cynthia the champion.

As of Generation 5 only the pokemon Spiritomb has no weakness because of the dual-type Ghost/Dark.

it isn't, but super rare like the starter Pokemon as you can only catch it once

Spiritomb is a ghost and dark type of Pokemon. To get one in Pokemon Pearl, you have to go to the Hallowed Tower.

Spiritomb is unavailable in any games from Generation I, II, and III.

Its spiritomb..... scary Pokemon dude!

action replay catch trainers Pokemon & catch Cynthia's or use ar to get spiritomb

nothing is super effective against spiritomb and sableye

The Sinnoh League Champion "Cynthia" has a Spiritomb.

The only way I know of to get a super effective hit on spiritomb is to have a Pokemon use foresight on it and then attack it with a fight type move.

Pokemon #109: Gible. Pokemon#108: Spiritomb.

Spirtiomb is not a legendary Pokemon. Even though there's only one available to capture in the game, it's a common Pokemon, not a legendary.

spiritomb it has no weakness

Spiritomb is a very good Pokemon. He is not easily defeated by any type. He also has some decent attacks and good stats.

You can get Spiritomb by:Transferring it into Pokemon BlackTrade for it.

Spiritomb is #442 in the national pokedex, and it is a Ghost-Dark type Pokemon.

It is the Dark/Ghost type Pokemon and it is classified as Forbidden Pokemon.

You can't! You have to trade from a different Pokemon game.

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