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First you should learn how to spell then chech the crash test reports of the Chevrolet and compare it to other extended cab trucks

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Q: Is the Shevrolet silvarado extended cab truck safe?
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Is it safe to eat from a food truck?

It would depend on the food truck. It would depend because if the owner does not clean his or her food truck then it would not be safe because it is dirty.

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What are truck cover used for?

It is good to have a truck cover in case the truck can't stay in the garage. If it might hail or snow and the truck is in a parking lot, put the truck cover on the truck to keep it safe.

Is it safe to drive your truck with the rotor getting hot?

Rotors are going to take a good amount of heat in normal condition, but not extreme amounts for extended periods of time. It would be okay for limited runs, but not any extended trips. Also overtime it's going to weaken the rotor considerably, so I would fix the problem ASAP

What is the hand gesture to signify that the baseball player has made it safe to the base?

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Why is it important for bus and truck drivers to know the weather?

Because then they can be safe.

Is it safe to buy a fork truck online and have it shipped to me?

Buying a truck online is definitely not safe. There are many online scams,so you should be wary about giving out personal information via internet. I would recommend buying in person, so that you can be sure it's up to standards. A fork truck is safe to drive if you follow the safety procedures. Fork truck prices can range from $25,000-$50,000 depending on the make and model.

What did the note say that edward left in Bella's truck?

he wrote Stay Safe

What was the cost of a ford truck in 1948?

between $1000-$1500 drive safe

What if the truck does not have truck plates?

This question is dependent on these considerations: Where is the truck. Who owns the truck What is the truck used for What kind of truck is it. Where I live the largest truck can be registered as a personal vehical with car plates as long as it never ever does comercial hauling. It is still subject to inspection as a comercial heavy truck to insure it is safe but has the same registration as my Smart Car. This will be completly difrent in other places.

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C. B. Brooks invented the first street sweeper truck.

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If a large truck has a right turn signal flashing but is partially blocking the left lane you should what?

Maintain a safe following distance until the truck has completed maneuver

What are the ratings on the Escalade truck?

The 2013 Cadillac Escalade truck has a received an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars, making it a safe and efficient vehicle in the standards of today.

Can you feel safe to drive your truck that has 247145 miles?

Yes, if it is in good shape and well kept. A car could have a thousand and be in bad shape and not safe to drive.

What do you do if a truck stops in front of you suddenly?

Run away as fast as you can, aim for crowds or public areas where you are safe.

I know it's not safe but can a person legally ride in the back of a pick up truck in Arizona?


How many seconds is the recommended safe following distance for a 30 foot truck in dry conditions?


Would a 1996 GMC 1500 truck transmission work for a 1992 Chevy 1500 truck bolt on and the same and be safe for your family?

NO it will not. The computer system is DIFFERENT for those 2 transmission.

Are lifted chevy trucks safe to drive?

Any truck is safe to drive, lifted or non-lifted. The choice on if you should get one or not is completely up to you and your personal likes and your height.

Where should the spreader chains be placed after the tailgate has been removed from the dump truck?

they are reinstalled on the tailgate for safe keeping

How much weight can you carry in f150 truck?

one ton is safe that's 2000 lbs

Can you use trailer tires on a truck?

No, UNSAFE!Trailer tires are built for special use and are frankly not as safe for Light truck use.One of the reasons is that "ST" tires are only rated for 60mph

Is food from vending trucks safe?

The average food truck is held to a strict standard of food prep. Thus it is normally ok to eat from a truck assuming it has passed the inspections from the health department.