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32 long is a rimfire cartridge.

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Q: Is the Stevens Favorite 32 long a rimfire or centerfire?
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Is a 22 centerfire?

There are 22 caliber centerfire cartridges such as the .22 Hornet and others, but ordinary 22 cartridges (short, long, long rifle) are rimfire.

Are bolt action rifles also centerfire rifles?

Not necessarily. Centerfire and rimfire refer to the cartridge. Those with a primer in the center of the cartridge base are centerfire, and those with propellant packed in the rim are rimfire. Popular centerfire cartridges include the .223 Remington, .380 Winchester, .30-30, .30-06, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, etc. The most commonly known rimfire cartridge is the .22 Long Rifle. There are bolt action rifles manufactured for each type of cartridge.

Are 32 caliber bullets centerfire or rimfire?

Let's use the correct terms- BULLETS are the part of a CARTRIDGE that come out of the barrel. .32 Cartridges are now centerfire, but many years ago were rimfire. .32 rimfire guns have not been made in about the past 100 years, and are considered obsolete. There are also several DIFFERENT .32 centerfire cartridges- .32 Auto, .32 S&W revolver, .32 Long, .32-20 revolver, etc.

What is the age and value of a 32 long?

.32 long what? That's a cartridge designation, and even at that it could be .32 Long Colt, .32 S&W Long, .32 Long (rimfire), or .32 Long Rifle (Centerfire).

What is a rimfire cartridge?

Rimfire cartridges do not have a primer at the center of the base of the cartridge- the firing pin strikes the RIM of the cartridge. The most common rimfires are 22 short, 22 Long Rifle, 22 Magnum and .17 HMR.

You recently purchased a JC Stevens in a 25 rimfire and another one in a 32 long rimfire Do you know where you can get ammunition for them?

.32 Long Rimfire ammunition is currently available from Old Western Scrounger, a division of Navy Arms. This is new-manufactured ammunition, produced on contract in Brazil by CBC. This is the only source of useable .32 Rimfire and it isn't cheap. This ammunition works well in the Stevens "Favorite" rifle and should work in any other firearm chambered for it. The .32 Short Rimfire is not available. Dixie Gun Works sells adapters to allow use of rifles and pistols in .32 Short and Extra Long Rimfire by using a .22 "acorn" blank as a primer. The Short adapters can be used in rifles chambered for the .32 Long, but the Extra Long adapters cannot. The .25 Rimfire hasn't been loaded since 1941 and all remaining stocks are gone. It is completely un-obtainable except for collector ammunition that is far too expensive and probably too old to shoot.

What could a 25 Stevens rimfire be worth?

box of 25 long western sold for47.50 so i think if it works 300 is fair price

How can a felon defend against a home invader with a gun?

With a muzzle loader. But legaly a felon cant. Posess black powder. But can own the gun as long as the barrel cant be interchangeable to make it a centerfire, or rimfire rifle.

Is there a difference between .22 rimfire and .22 long?

22 long is a type of 22 rimfire. Others are CB, short, long rifle and a few others .

Is a 1915 jp Stevens 22 caliber single shot rifle a rimfire rifle?

All firearms that are in caliber .22 Long Rifle (LR) or 22 Long or 22 Short are rimfires. If you look at the face of the bolt, you can see the firing pin. If it is in the very center of the bolt face, it is center fire. If at the edge of the face, it is rimfire.

Can you shoot 223 caliber ammo in a 22 caliber rifle?

In general, no. The .22 LR is a straight sided rimfire cartridge 1 inch long. The .223 is a bottlenecked centerfire cartridge almost 3 inches long. Totally different. The 22 LR CAN be shot in a .223 by the use of a special adapter.

What is the value of a J Stevens 22 pump long model 1915 Trade Mark Favorite?

The Stevens 1915 Favorite is not a pump-action rifle. It is a single-shot. First we need to figure out which model you actually have.

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