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Is the UK a part of a country?


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Yes, it is part of the United Arab Emirates. It is a small beautiful island off the coast of Costa Rica.

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France is it's own country. It is not part of the UK.

No. Europe is a continent which the UK is a part of.

England is a country, as is the UK. The difference is that the UK is also a legal unity of four countries of which England is a part.

Republic of Ireland - Yes. This is a separate country that is not part of the UK but is part of the EU. Northern Ireland - No. This is part of the UK, which still uses the Pound (

The UK, and England is part of the UK, which is in Europe. So the richest European country is England.

no. England is a country that is PART of the UK. the UK is a collective country of the counties of England wales northern Ireland and Scotland.

No, it's an independent country.

Yes, it is part of the UK

No, Denmark is an independent country...

NO! The Philippines is an independent country.

Singapore is not part of China; used to be part of UK.

UK because North Ireland is a part of UK.

Wales is part of the United Kingdom. It is a country within a country. It is part of the United Kingdom which also is a country.

No it is in Norway which is North East of the UK and part of Scandinavia.

It is in England, part of the UK.

Because Ireland is its own country.

Yes, it is part of Great Britain

No, Norway is an independent country.

Kent is an English county in the south eastern part of the country

The only country that borders the UK is the Republic of Ireland, which has a border with Northern Ireland, which is a part of the UK.

The six counties of Northern Ireland are part of the UK but the rest of the island of Ireland is the Republic of Ireland which is an independent country.

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