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No, the USA does not use the metric system

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What is Ghana's official system of measurement?

Officially the metric SI system.

When did congress authorize the use of the metric system?

The use of the metric system was made legal as a system of measurement in the US in 1866. The system was officially adopted by the federal government in 1975 for use in the military and government agencies, and as preferred system for trade and commerce.

how would the US metric system help you?

The US does not use the metric system.

What states in the US use the metric system?

No states anymore officially use the metric system. However, there is one road that uses kilometres instead of miles: I-19 in Arizona (connects Tucson to Nogales).

When did the US stop using the metric system?

when did the US start using the metric system.

The metric system is referred to as?

The SI system - International System, after its name in French.

Does the bahamas use the metric or imperial system?

It uses both. The Bahamas are officially metric, but many road signs are in miles.

Why is the US one of the few countries who have not adopted the metric system?

The reason that the US has not adopted the metric system is based on stubbornness. Even the UK has, by and large, adopted the metric system.

How do the US use the metric system?

both imperial and metric system is used but scientist use the metric system the most.the metric system is also called the international system also known as the SI unit.

How much is a kilometer based on the us metric system?

There isn't a separate US metric system, the metric system is international and the same everywhere. So one kilometre in the U.S.A. is one kilometre.

Who decided the US would go on metric system?

Sweetie, the U.S. isn't on the metric system.

When did US get metric?

The US has not converted to the Metric System yet. We are still using the English Customary.

Who used metric units?

Officially, everybody except Burma, Liberia and ... wait for it, ... the US.

Why would it be a advantageous for the US to switch to the metric system of measurements?

Most countries in the world use the metric system.Only three countries-Burma, Liberia, and the US-have not adopted the International System of Units (SI, or metric system)The metric system is much easier to use than the imperial system

Is the metric system more accurate that the US system?

No. No system is more accurate. The metric system is just more easy to use.

Why does Liberia use the metric system?

Liberia is one of the very few countries that has not officially adopted it.

What nation created the metric system?

Only the US uses the metric system. Hope it helped :D

Does the us use the metric or feet system?

Every civilised country in the world uses the metric system.

Has the term hectare ever been used in the US?

The metric system, in which land is measured in hectares, is officially in use in the United States, although the people continue to resist it.

Why shouldn't the US use the metric system?

The U.S.A. should join the modern world in using the metric system.

Can congress decide the metric system?

No. Congress can decide whether or not the metric system is adopted by the US, but the metric system exists and is used by developed countries whatever Congress choses to do.

Why does the US use both the metric system and the standard system?

the government thinks that it would be hard for older people to learn the metric system.

Should the US use the metric sysytem?

Everybody should use the metric system.

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