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Is the artist known as plies married?

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No, Plies is not married.

But he is engaged to a Teressa V----

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Is Plies married?

No, the rapper Plies is not married.

What is the last name of the artist known as Plies?

yeah that's my babii his name isALGERNOD WASHINGTON :)

What is the height of the artist known as plies?

7'2" he is not no 7'2 i think he's only 5 something

How old is the artist known as Plies?

PLIES IS IS 32July 1, 1976 (1976-01-07) (age 32) i's dont think so

Who is plies marry to?

plies is married to dezurae for 3 years

What religion does plies practice?

Plies is a very famous rapper. Plies has made several hit songs with artist such as Usher. Some reports show that Plies may practice Christianity.

Do plies the rapper have a grilfriend?

no he's married no he's married

Who is plies getting married to?

he is getting married to this girl named kia!!!!!!

Was the artist formerly known as Prince ever married?

At the turn of the century, he changed his name back to Prince (as oppose to The Artist Formerly Known as Prince). yes he was married twice. Both ended in divorce.

Is plies mom still alive?

It is not known if rapper Plies mother is still alive. Plies released his debut album, The Real Testament in 2007.

What is Plies' official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number for Plies is not known at this time.

How old is the rapper known as Plies' birthday?

plies bday is July 1st ,1976 he is 31trs old

What female artist is married to Tim smith?

Tim Smith is married to Sarah Cutts, now known as Sarah Smith.

Why did plies go to jaile?

plies never went to jail. it was a romer w/ mags oka and me an hem are afficialyy married as of 3-16-18

Where can a person find Plies lyrics?

There are many places one could find lyrics for any musical artist. Plies lyrics can be found on such websites as AZLyrics, Lyrics123, MetroLyrics, and on LyricsMania.

Is plies really married to brandy?

No, he is not married at ALL...he has a child by an unknown ex-girlfriend but he is very much single.

Did plies propose to Keri Hilson?

i dnt think keri hilson and plies are togerther maybe they had sex a couple of time but i dont think they are getting married do

What is Plies' little boy's name?

Nijier Lanier Washington (born October 20, 2003). The rap artist Plies is Algernod Lanier Washington (born July 1, 1976)

What is Plies the artist biological mother and father name?

Plies was born on July 1, 1976 in Fort Myers, Florida. His real name is Algernod Lanier Washington. His parents are Larry and Karla Washington.

Who Anna meares husband?

Anna Meares is in fact married. Anna is married to the well known artist Mark Chadwick. They however, keep their marriage private.

How old is algernod Washington?

Algernon Washington Aka Rap Artist Plies Is 33yrs Old His Birthday Is July 31st

How many times have the plies been married?

None Maybe he has not experienced it yet. But he has two children.

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