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Is the avian flu viral or bacterial?


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It is a viral infection.

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It can be viral or bacterial.

Influenza, or flu, is caused by a viral infection. That's one reason why antibiotics don't help when you have the flu.

No it is a viral infection caused by a virus not bacteria. This is why antibiotics that are for treating bacterial infections don't work for the flu, common cold or other viral infections.

Avian flu, HIV Aids, Ebola, And many more.

Yes. Bacterial diseases can be treated with antibiotics. Viral diseases have to run their course. Many viral diseases have vaccines available, such as flu, measles, mumps, chicken pox and so on. If your cold or flu turns into pneumonia, then that can be treated since it is bacterial.

Because 'flu is viral and antibiotics only treat bacterial infections.

Penicillin is an antibiotic, which combats illnesses which are bacterial. Colds and the flu are viral.

Swine flu is, like all strains of influenza and the common cold, viral. The main treatment for swine flu is the antiviral drug Tamiflu.

Avian Flu is not contagious. Swine flu is.

It might be, but usually the congestion and coughing are caused first by the influenza viral infection. Bronchitis usually is a separate infection and can be viral or bacterial (most often bacterial). It is more often a secondary condition caused by the flu rather than a sign of the flu.

No. Cipro ONLY works on bacterial infections. When you catch a cold or the flu you do not have a bacterial infection, you have a virus. No antibiotics work on any type of viral infections.

Q-pan is the approved vaccine for Avian Flu or H5N1.

yes last time i checked i read all viruses and flu's were bacterial! No, influenza is viral and cannot be treated with antibiotics.

You would not be given any antibiotic for use to treat a cold or flu. They are both viral infections, not bacterial infections. Antibiotics are only for bacterial infections. If you have a secondary bacterial infection with a viral infection, you might be prescribed an antibiotic to treat that secondary infection, but not for the virus itself.

To prevent secondary bacterial or viral infections, such as pneumonia.

No. Antibiotics do not help viral infections such as the cold or flu. Antibiotics are specifically for helping with treatment of bacterial infections or for preventing bacterial infections and do nothing to an inanimate virus.

To prevent contracting the avian flu, avoid contact with infected birds. If you have normal flu symptoms, eye infections, or respiratory issues, you many have the avian flu.

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was closely related to an avian virus.

Humans and birds can die from avian "bird" flu. Up to 60% of humans who get avian flu can die.

No. It is an antibiotic and they only work on bacterial infections, not viral infections like cold and flu.

Yes, in fact that is one of the primary initial complications of the flu: a secondary bacterial pneumonia or sometimes a secondary viral pneumonia.

there are variations of anthrax that are viral and bacterial most anthrax is bacterial

There are both viral and bacterial forms of pneumonia.

The name of the strain of virus that causes the Avian (Bird) flu is H5N1.If you are asking for the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code, the new 2010 code for the Avian flu is 488.0.

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