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no, they just happened one after another.

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Q: Is the battle of stamford bridge and the battle of hastings the same battle?
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When did the Battle of Stamford Bridge end?

The Battle of Stamford Bridge ended in 1066, the same year as the battle of Hastings.

How much time passed between the Battle of Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings?

About 19 days passed. The Battle of Stamford Bridge was on September 25, 1066, and the Battle of Hastings was on October 14 of the same year. There are links below.

Who was crowned king of England after the battle of stamford bridge?

The Battle of Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire between Harold II of England and Harold Hardrada of Norway did not lead immediately to any kings being crowned. But later the same year the victor of Stamford Bridge, Harold II, was killed at the battle of Hastings on the south coast. After Hastings, Duke William of Normandy was crowned King of England.

When and where did Harold hardrada invade England?

on the same day of the battle of hastings the 14th of october 1066 and he tried to invade England at stamford bridge

Was the battle of hastings and the battle of Stanford bridge on the same day?


What if Hardrada had won the battle of Stamford Bridge?

Life would not be the same today.

Are the Battle of Hastings and the French Invasion the same thing?

Yes the Battle of Hastings was the French invasion of England.

What date was the Battle of Hastings taken place?

What date was the battle of Hastings taken place?The date of the battle of Hastings was Saturday, October 14th, 1066. The time was about 9 am, and it ended the same day around dusk. The location of the battle was not in Hastings it was at battle.

Where is Stamford Bridge?

Stamford bridge is located next to fulham Broadway. The road where stamford bridge is located is called Fulham road. This is the same road where craven cottage is located. For any person travelling to the bridge from the south of England would be advised to drive to southfields tube station where you can escape the parking problem. There is also a Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire and probably many other places.

The Battle of Hastings took place in?

The battle of Hastings took place in 14th October 1066. It was a Saturday. It started at 9am and finished the same day.

Why did William use tactics in the Battle of Hastings?

william wanted too win the battle of hastings soooooo badly that he used the same trick 3 times

When did the Battle of Hastings finish?

on the same day as it started the 14th October 1066

Is the battle for Constantine the same as the battle of the milivian bridge?

Constantine led the victorious side at the battle of the Milvian Bridge 312 CE.

Did Edward the Confessor fight in the battle of Hastings?

No, he died in January of the same year, it was his successor Harold who fought in it.

Was William well prepared for the Battle of Hastings?

he was quite well prepared for the battle as he had many plans, many men and almost the same number horses.

What date did the battle of stirling bridge end?

The battle started and finished on the same day. 11th September 1297.

How many battles was he in?

2 or 3 im not sure I know he fought at stamforde bridge in September 1066 and he were killed at hastings the same year

In the battle of Hastings did William send archers to fire a rain shower of arrows or foot soldiers first?

both at the same time

How did Harold and William start the war?

they started by being born then being called Harold and William and then they fought a lot and they liked bread but they like the same bread(which was called Hastings bread) and then the battle of Hastings began

What happened first in the battle of Hastings Williams fake retreat and Harold shot in the eye?

I think it happened at pretty much the same time

Who fought in the Battle of Hastings?

the british and the normans and possibly the pirates of...oh no i mean the vikings of erm i tink sweden The "Viking" contingent fought in a separate battle at Stamford Bridge in the North of England a few weeks before Hastings. King Harold would have identified himself as Saxon rather than British, England had rarely been ruled exclusively as one kingdom, as Danish invasions had resulted in rival rulers from both the Saxon and Danish factions. William Duke of Normandy was a descendant of the Danish line with a link to the English line through the same great aunt who had first married King Ethlered and then King Canute. The Normans being Norsemen that had colonised Northern France.

Is Warren Hastings -the first Governor General of India and Lord Hastings same person?


Advanages William had in the Battle of Hastings?

his team were ready he got to invade the wind travaled in the same direction as he was going at the right time harolds team were un organized

What happened on the first October 1066?

Something big and battle -by whoever- the Essential Norman Conquest.... that what happend on the 1st of October in 106 an don the 14th of that same month The Battle of Hastings began..... -by Kno it all vampchick-

Was it Halley's comet that King Harold saw Just before the battle of Hastings?

The comet did appear on 20 March 1066, the same year as the battle. It is entirely plausible that this comet in particular was the one apparent to Harold and his advisors.