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It's obvious you are a bright individual and a true Survivor, but you only got one thing wrong ... you just don't move on. You need to feel the hurt a little more and to grieve a little (not too long though) and then hit that saddle once again and get on with life. NO ONE is worth destroying your life over. For every jerk out there (man/woman) there are 5 that are great individuals. When we share our minds and bodies with someone we think or do love and they don't treat us with the respect we should get, then it darn well hurts. I have come to realize that even bad things that happen to us (love gone wrong) has many lessons for us to learn and it's a learning curve to make us wiser and more independent and self sufficient. I saw a wonderful movie called, "The Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and it is a must-see movie. This young black woman who was married to a rich black man had to be embarrassed and degraded by him when he brought his mistress into the house and literally pulled his wife across the marble floor and threw her out of the mansion and locked the front door on her. Revenge was all she could think of. Her wise old aunt told her this: "Forgive him, because if you can't forgive then he still have control over you." When you forgive someone it doesn't mean you have to like them. You should feel sorry for this person because they haven't learned how to treat another with the respect they deserve and I always say, "the head of the snake will turn around and bite you in the butt" meaning: If you dish out the uglies to others, then you get it back 10 fold and they do! You have the right attitude, but experience what you feel; cry, get angry, kick a door, scream, and then get out and have some fun because there is someone out there that will treat you the way you should be treated. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Is the best revenge when being dumped to act matter of fact and say at least you know the truth and can get on with your life and not go through that type of pain then leave?
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