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The biggest living cat is the liger, a sterile hybrid of a male lion and a female tiger. Individuals can weigh over 700 lbs. (320 kg.)

By comparison, the average full-grown Bengal tiger weighs just 500 lbs. (225 kg.) However, the now-extinct Siberian tiger was once comparable in size to a liger.

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What is the tallest cat?

The biggest cat is a Lion.

Is the lion the biggest cat in the cat family?

No, the tiger is the biggest and heaviest cat in the cat family.

Is the lion the biggest cat species?

no. the tiger is the biggest species.

Is the biggest big cat the tiger if it is then what is the second biggest tiger?

A lion is the second biggest CAT if that`s what you meant!

What is the biggest cat on Earth?

im pretty sure that the tiger not the lion is the biggest cat on earth

Is a lion the biggest cat in the world?

No the tiger is.

Who is the bigger lion or tiger?

The tiger is the biggest, they are the biggest in the cat family.

What is special about a lion?

that they are the biggest cat in the cat family with large claws

Why is lion the second big cat?

The tiger is the biggest and heaviest cat.

What are the second biggest cat?

The lion is the second largest cat after the tiger.

What was the biggest cat that ever lived?

the biggest cat that ever lived was the saber tooth tiger it weighed more then 945 pounds The biggest cat was American lion which weighted up to 430kg . American lion is (was) actually bigger than a liger The Liger was is the biggest cat then Siberian Tiger the African

What is bigger a Siberian tiger or the Barbary lion?

Siberian tiger but the biggest cat was the American lion.

What is the biggest cat that purrs?

The king of the jungle (the male lion)

Who is bigger tiger or lion?

a tiger is the biggest wild cat

Who is the biggest cat out of tiger lion or cheetah?

Tigers are the largest cat. The Siberian and Bengal subspecies both average larger than the lion.

Are lions the 2nd biggest cat in the world?

yes, the lion is second biggest, next to the tiger

Is a tiger taller than a lion?

Yes! A tiger is the biggest cat

Why is the cat not on the zodiac?

The cat family is represented by the biggest cat of them all; the king of the jungle, so to speak - Leo the lion.

The biggest and strongest big cat?

it is the tiger it can lift 1200 pounds No it is the LIGER accually (mix of lion and tiger). That happens when a lion and tiger mate.

What cat spieces is the biggest?

The following Cat species are large and heavy.African LionBengal TigerSiberian TigerThe Siberian Tiger is the biggest and heavies of all the cat species.

Are tigers bigger than lynx?

Yes. They are in fact the biggest of the big cat family and the lion is the second biggest.

What is the third biggest cat?

The jaguar is the third largest cat alive today. Only the lion and tiger are larger.

What is the biggest cat in America?

North america-mountain lion south america-jaguar

Is a lion heavier than a tiger?

normally no cuase the biggest cat the siberian tiger wighs 730 pouands and a kruger male lion can wigh 668 but the biggest lion ever wigh 50 pounds more than the biggest tiger ever

What is the biggest type of lion?

The biggest lion is the Barbary lion

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