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Humans definitely impact on the lives of boas. We are slowly but gradually destroying their habits thus killing the boa's homes in South America. Humans also keep these magnificent creatures as pets, keeping them captive in cages. Bottom line, boas of all kinds are affected by man. ;D -From a 7th grader, studying for her project on Emerald Tree Boas! <33

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What snake is called a boa?

the Boa Constrictor

What is the scientific name of the boa constrictor?

Boa constrictor

What is a sentence with boa constrictor?

The boa constrictor is in a cage eating.

What is the scientific name of a boa constrictor?

Boa constrictor imperator

Is a boa constrictor nocturnal?

Yes a Boa constrictor is nocturnal

What is the biome of a boa constrictor?

The BOA snake/constrictor is in the Grassland and the Rainforest

How do boa constrictor defend there selves?

the boa constrictor chokes anmals.

Do Boa constrictors belong to the boa genus or the constrictor genus?

Boa Constrictors belong to the Boa genus. The 'constrictor' part of the scientific name refers to the species. e.g. The Common Boa (Boa constrictor imperator) is classed as GENUS:Boa SPECIES: constrictor SUBSPECIES: imperator

Where in the world can you find a boa constrictor?

Boa constrictor is a species of boa found in Central and South America.

How much for a for a boa constrictor?

how much would a baby boa constrictor cost

What are the predators of a boa constrictor?

nothing because nothing eats a boa constrictor

What kingdom is a boa constrictor?

The Boa Constrictor falls under the kingdom "Animalia".

Why is the boa constrictor extinct?

It isn't. The Boa Constrictor isn't even endangered.

How do you spell boa constrictor in french?

Since boa constrictor is a specific specie of snake, it shares the same spelling as in English: le boa constrictor

Snakes that are like a boa constrictor?

an odd question. I'll assume you're refering to the "common" boa, Boa Constrictor Imperator, from Colombia. Red tails are considered Boa Constrictor Constrictor and found in different countries. However, don't just look to subspecies to find differences, there is also wide variation within localities. Hog Island Boas, Corn Island Boas, and Nicaraguan are all BCI's from different places, and all very different. If you want other sub species, there are : Boa Constrictor amarali Boa Constrictor Constrictor Boa Constrictor imperator Boa Constrictor longicauda Boa Constrictor melanogaster Boa Constrictor nebulosus Boa Constrictor occidentalis Boa Constrictor orophias Boa Constrictor ortonii Boa Constrictor sabogae If you look at other boas, rosy's, Kenyan sand, rubber, rainbow, emerald tree (to name a few) you'll see that even though a species has the name of "boa" it's nothing like a boa constrictor. It would help if your question was more specific, what similarities are you looking for? Size? Temperment? Captive care? Boa constrictors are in the 'Boa' genus, which is part of the 'Boidae' snake family. So if you are vague about the simularities then any snake in this family are like a boa constrictor. Main types of snake in this family include: Constrictors; Boas; Anacondas and Pythons.

What is an example of a constrictor?

Boa constrictor... Anaconda

What is the kingdom of a boa constrictor?

Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataSubphylum:VertebrataClass:ReptiliaOrder:SquamataSuborder:SerpentesFamily:BoidaeSubfamily:BoinaeGenus:BoaSpecies:B. constrictor

How long does a boa constrictor get?

a average boa constrictor can get along 6 to 8 feet.

Is a boa constrictor a vertebrate or a invertebrate?

The boa constrictor is a vertebrate because it does have a backbone.

What kind of poem is Boa Constrictor by Shel Silverstein?

It is not a poem, it is a song that he wrote in 1962 called "Boa Constrictor" that is sung by a man who is being progressively swallowed whole by a snake.

Why is a boa constrictor called a boa constrictor?

Boa is the subspecies and constrictor because that's how they kill their prey. But wrapping around it and constricting till the prey dies of suffocation

What prey does a boa constrictor have?

The prey of a boa constrictor are mice, bids, lizards and wild pigs.

Is a boa constrictor poisinous?

A boa constrictor is not poisonous. It simply squeezes you to death before it swallows you.

Average weight of a boa constrictor?

A boa constrictor is a very large snake. The average weight of a boa constrictor is 50 pounds with a length of 8-10 feet long.

What is the largest columbian red tailed boa?

There isn't a Colombian "red-tailed boa" (red-tailed boa was adopted for all similar looking boas to make them more appealing to customers, "true" red tails are called BCC or Boa constrictor constrictor the most common boa constrictor in the pet trade is called BCI or Boa constrictor imperator. BCC's have MUCH brighter tails), but the longest boa constrictor I've heard of was 12.5 ft. I'm not sure if she was a Colombian boa constrictor or not.

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