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No, this varies from person to person, but is within +/- 0.5 degrees celcius of this figure.

In fact, the temperature reading on a medical thermometer may vary depending on where the reading is taken. For example, an auxiliary (armpit) reading will give a lower temperature reading then a rectal reading, just as an oral reading will be different to a temporal reading.

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Q: Is the body temperature of every person 37 C?
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What is the temperature of a person's body?

Optimal temperature is 37 degrees Celsius.

What is a normal temperature of a normal person?

the body temperature of a normal man is 37

What is the normal body temperature of a person?

About 37 degrees Celsius

What temperature does your body sweat?

37.5 degree celsius The temperature of sweat is the same as a person's body temperature, normally about 37° C (98.6° F).

Normal human body temperature is 37 C If the temperature increases which feedback mechanism attempts to reduce it back to 37 C?

The body first uses sweating to reduce any increase in body temperature. If the person is dehydrated or cannot sweat, temperature can continue to rise.

Why is E. coli incubated at 37?

it resides in the body and 37 is the body temperature

What is body temperature in degrees Celsius?

It is 37 degree celsius Your body temperature for Celsius is 37 degrees Celsius.

The normal body temp of a person is?

Human body temperature is roughly 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is body temperature of 97 okay?

A usual body temperature is 37'C

What is the range of normal body temperature in degrees Celsius?

37 Celsius degrees, that's the normal body temperature. Fever can augment that up to 42 degrees...More than that will usually kill the person.

The temperature of the dead body is?

Once the human body has died, it will remain its average temperature of 37 degrees celcius for approximately one hour. For every degree dropped below 37, the human body is judged to have been dead for another hour.

Body temperature for humans?

the normal body temperature of a human is 37 degrees C

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