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Yes, car insurance for a teen in California is expensive. But then, car insurance for a teen driver is expensive everywhere. The least expensive way would be to them to your existing policy, you may get a discount.

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Q: Is the car insurance for a teen driver expensive in California?
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What is best way to insure a teen driver?

Shop for insurance companies that specialize in teen drivers. Compare their rates to adding the teen onto the parents insurance. Often adding the teen to existing insurance is the less expensive way to go.

Can your parent have non driver's insurance but have their teen as a driver on their insurance?

As long as you have auto insurance yes.

Is teen auto insurance expensive in Florida?

Auto insurance get cheaper depending on you driving experience, and since teen have very little experience driving the insurance will be expensive.

What kind of car insurance will I get for a teen driver in California?

Car insurance coverage's for teens varies from state to state and for getting the information about the teen insurance coverage's insurance in California you can call Geico customer care and talk with the executive and then for the rates you can negotiate with 2 to 3 providers and then pick the best one

Do you need to purchase car insurance for teen driver?


Is it more expensive for teens to get car insurance in Michigan?

It is expensive for a teen to get car insurance anywhere. It would also count for anyone who is a new or inexperienced driver anywhere. They are more likely to get into accidents and insurers charge more the greater the risks.

Where can I get the teen driver car insurance?

The cheapest way to save money for a teen driver is to talk to your current auto insurance rep. You can also try Progressive. They will compare rates for you.

Where can I get a good auto insurance rate for my teen?

Allstate insurance company offers great rates and discounts for insuring your teen driver.

Is auto insurance more expensive for teen drivers driving sports cars compared to regular vehicles?

Auto insurance rating multiplies the base insurance rate for a car times the factor for the driver. So a car which has bad experience, multiplied by teen driver (much more likely to kill someone in an accident), results in higher premium.

How expensive is it for teen auto insurance in Iowa? for quotes

What is the most expensive prescription for teen acne?

Accutane, which can be covered by insurance.

Does a teen driver have to be insured if living at home?

Yes a teen have to be insured if living at home. The teen would have to be under the parents insurance.

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