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Yes I think so

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Q: Is the cardiac muscle used in the plank exercise?
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What are muscles skeletal cardiac and smooth?

smooth muscle is used in a train of thought (brain is need in the act) cardiac muscle can be found in the heart skeletal muscle moves your bones

Cardiac muscles are the most numerous muscles in the body?

cardiac muscle is only found in the heart so it is used constantly but it isn't the most common muscle found in the body, this would be skeletal muscle.

What type of microscope is used to view cardiac muscle?

optical microscope and TEM

What are muscle habits?

When muscles get used to doing an exercise a lot, and remember the exercise.

What type of tissue is in the heart?

Cardiac tissues, smooth muscle, endothelial cells. Cardiac Muscle found in the hearts chambers right and left atrium and riht and left ventricle. This tissue perform the pumping of the heart. Smooth muscle tissues provide stability and flexibility so that the large arteries can contract and expand. Edothelial cells line the chambers and vessels. They stop blood components from moving to the muscle and help prevent clotting.

What are not muscle tissues found in humans?

Human muscle tissues are either skeletal, smooth, or cardiac. Each has unique properties. Skeletal muscle is used to move you around, breathe, etc. Smooth muscle is found in blood vessels, and cardiac muscle is found only in the heart.

What medication is commonly used to treat increase blood flow to the cardiac muscle?


How do you do the plank exercise?

The plank is used for inner core strength, this helps things such as balance. Firstly, lay face down on the floor, place the tips of your toes on the floor too. Next, rest the weight of your upper body on your elbows and forearms, trying to keep your back straight. Lift your body off of the floor so only your elbows, forearms and toes are tocuhing the floor. Now hold this position for 30 seconds and rest. Repeat and slowly increase the time you perform it for. If done correctly on the 2nd-3rd attempt your body will start shaking, don't worry that's a good thing. Hope this has helped. =) Alex, 17.

Do heart muscles get tired?

BIG TIME NO!!! If the cardiac muscle tires, you will die! It is just like saying if the Heart tires, then so does the cardiac muscle (Which the Heart is made up of).Remember the Heart pumps from when you were in your mothers womb, till your death. Every other muscle in the body such as hands, legs, arms etc will tire as I'm sure you've already noticed.The cardiac muscle NEVER tires.

What is the term used to reduced blood flow to the cardiac muscle?

coranary artery disease maybe

Do ab belts work?

Ab belts increase the chances of building muscle, but will not create muscle if used with out exercise.

When is the right tie of day to exercise?

night when your muscle have been used and it will hert more so in the morning your muscle will exspand.