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Is the de-lotto North American sweepstakes real?



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No, this lottery is not real--it's a scam. Simply, they send a fake check and hope that you will cash it and send them part of the proceeds in order to process the 'winnings,' which don't exist. The recipient has committed fraud by cashing the fake check, and loses the money sent to the scam lottery.

The de-lotto North American sweepstakes is aSCAM all the way. they send a check in they mail saying you have won a lottory. then with the enclosed check you are to deposit in your checking account,then call this man to get your info on paying your taxs on your winings. he wants you to mail him a money order for 3,000 for paying the taxes. so in the long run your check will never clear and you are out all your money. so please do not fall for this scam. and if you do receive a check in the mail from this people please call your local law inforcement and turn them in PLEASE!!!