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Defenders of the Electoral College make two arguments, both of them bogus. First, they say that it is appropriate because it is a "federalist" institution, and the US is federalist. No one can even say what this argument means. The presidency is the same office, with the same powers and role, however the president is elected. The only impact of the Electoral College is not to make the presidency federalist, but to make it undemocratic.

Second, it is claimed that the Electoral College helps small states. This is a pragmatic argument, not a principled one. Small states will never accept direct elections, we are told, so an amendment will not be able to win the required approval of 3/4ths of the states, and we should not waste our time trying. This is just plain wrong. Under the Electoral College system, small states are ignored. With direct elections, a vote in Wyoming and a vote in California have exactly the same value; but under the Electoral College system, a vote in California is worth as much as 15 votes in Wyoming -- so candidates conclude that campaigning in Wyoming would be a waste of time.

Bottom Line, yes, the electoral college system is not only "undemocratic" it is "anti-democratic", in that it directly stifles the vote of the masses in exchange for a few power players "i.e. electors" to choose for us. As in 2000, (Im looking at you george) this allows someone whom DID NOT receive the majority popular vote to become the president. Patently anti-democratic. We AREthe people, and if you want your vote to actually count, this system should be abolished, PERIOD.

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Q: Is the electoral college undemocratic
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It would be false to state that the electoral college showed that the Constitutional Convention had trust in the people. People who are critical of the electoral college claim that it is an undemocratic system.

Explain why some people say that the winner take all system of the Electoral College is undemocratic?

Because it's possible for the winner to have fewer votes than the loser.

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We the people, not we electoral college

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The citizens are the voters for the electoral college.

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The citizens are the voters for the electoral college.

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Electoral votes in the Electoral College determine the President of the United States.

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Electoral votes in the Electoral College determine the President of the United States.

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There are 538 Electoral College members.

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Individuals who support the candidate that lost the Electoral College election generally are against the Electoral College system.

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