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He is in TNA under Curry Man. He will most likely return as his masked persona got fired in the Feast or Fired match

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Q: Is the fallen angel coming back to tna?
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What is christopher Daniels tna theme song?

His TNA theme song is"Wings of a Fallen Angel (Remix)" by Dale Oliver

When is hogan coming back?

he is back in tna he has made tna on top!!

Did Kurt angel come back in WWE in 2010?

No, he isn't coming back to wwe because he is in TNA(Total Non-stop Action) fighting for the world title. Ric Flair is in TNA too.

Who is the final member of Team Jarrett for TNA Lockdown?

Former X Division and TNA Tag Team champion, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

Is RVD coming back to the WWE?

No Because he is in TNA and TNA is his life!

When is Elijah Burke coming back to WWE?

He isn't coming back he is in TNA

Is Rinho coming back to WWE?

No. Rhino is not Coming back to The WWE. He is Going to Stay with TNA. Unless TNA Fires Him Or WWE Offers him a Contract.

Is Jeff Hardy really on TNA Impact and if so when is he coming back?

Yes he is on TNA

Is Jeff hardy coming back to tna in 2012?

He's back in TNA, and he's in the world title picture.

Is xpac coming back to wrestling?

no he went to TNA

Is christian coming back to tna?

No because he is in WWE

Is tomko coming back to tna wrestling?