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Is the fluid that leaked out of your cracked laptop screen toxic?


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2010-04-29 23:32:56
2010-04-29 23:32:56

The fluid may come from different places. While it is unlikely to be hazardous, it is sensible to treat it as toxic. Whatever the cause, it sounds like it's time for a repair.

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Edema results from accumulation of fluid leaked from the bloodstream.

There maybe bubbles accumulating inside of the over flow container after the vehicle runs up to temperature. There could also be an increase in fluid measured by the oil dip stick. Antifreeze burns white if leaked into the cylinder of the vehicle.

The only filter is a screen in the fluid reservoir.The only filter is a screen in the fluid reservoir.

Your intake is probably cracked. I had the same problem as well as others on a 98 LeSabre. I could smell the antifreeze and the fluid leaked down.

It means you should fill it up. It may have leaked or used it.

loose/cracked radiatior hoses

on a1995 ford windstar was running fine until power steering fluid leaked and foam up on to the engine

Low fluid level, cracked trans main filter(in the pan), or a failing trans pump.Low fluid level, cracked trans main filter(in the pan), or a failing trans pump.

My 1998 E320 drivers side mirror cracked and leaked fluid and so it couldn't respond to high beams from my rear. The delaer wanted about $450 for the mirror. I had a regular mirror made and adhered it to the car's mirror for $20. Works fine!

Its a filter for the transmission fluid.

Are you asking because your transmission fluid leaked when warm and doesn't show any more signs of leaks???

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The reason your 1999 transmission will not go is the fluid is too low. Apparently enough fluid leaked out of your transmission so it will not operate.

Transmission fluid leaked out of car very fast. After hitting large rock. Could it be the transmission pan is broke? That is a possibility

you have a blown headgasket, or if it is has an automatic transmission, it is also possible that you may have transmission fluid in your radiator. this is caused by transmission fluid in part of your radiator leaked into your coolant

your slave cylinder has gone bad and all your clutch fluid has leaked out,

Seeped means fluid escaped slowly. Leaked has a similar meaning, but leaks can also be big.

Cracked radiator end caps since the tranny fluid runs goes threw the caps for cooling that is the only way tranny fluid can get in the radiator

It looks like you are a do it yourself person, so your going to have get a new pedal and have wearever the fluid is leaking out replaced.

A cracked radiator would leak the fluid out, leaving no coolant for your engine which would cause your engine to overheat and be destroyed pretty quickly. So the answer is NO.

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