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No the game is not sold or made for the Xbox 360


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It is not sold or made for the Xbox 360 console and is a Playstation exclusive

No, Little Big Planet is a PS3 game only.

no it is not but i wish it was

No, not now at least. It is a Playstation Exclusive game and will not be available for other systems

It is a Playstation Exclusive and not on Xbox 360 only PS3 and PSP

Yes, the game can be found on xbox through a illegal hack, if you want to go to prison or face a fine

No, they stopped doing that.

No it is a Playstation exclusive game and the PS3 has the only Versions of LBP 2

nope. littlebigplanet 2 is only for the ps3 people.

No it is a Playstation exclusive

No it is exclusive to Playstation

No the Game scheduled for October 31 2012 release will be for the PS3 only

No it is a Playstation Exclusive

There is not a release date for Little Big Planet on Xbox 360 now because they have not made one for Xbox 360 yet because there not making little big planet for xbox 360.

No, Sony owns the LBP license.

Not gonna happen. It's a Playstation exclusive that will not even come out for the PS2 _____________________________________________________________ This is a big shame, but i think you can by a edited copy of it on xbox my best mate has it. No he does not. The game is far too complex to be played on an Xbox The PSP LittleBigPlanet version is a completely different game design to allow it to work on a Portable. Question has been changed to read Xbox 360 from Xbox. Game is exclusive Playstation game and is not legally allowed to play on any other system. The game is also better when played online

No, an Xbox 360 game will not run on an original Xbox.

u grab a xbox 360 controller and turn on the xbox 360 put in a game and play the game

Yes, the Xbox 360 disc cleaner is actually designed to clean an Xbox 360 game disc and to clean the game system.

I don't think that you can play an original Xbox game on an Xbox 360 live. But some games from the old xbox you can play on Xbox 360.

Yes. All original Xbox games are compatible with the Xbox 360. However, you cannot play an Xbox 360 game on an original Xbox, or course.

no because little big planet is made by sony

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