Is the iPad better than the iPod Touch?

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They are almost exactly alike, although the IPad is much bigger.
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Is the iPod touch better than the iPod nano?

YES. with the ipod touch you can have apps. u cant on ipod nano. you can have wi-fi on ipod touch. and all around the itouch is just better than the ipod nano

Is the ipod touch better than the psp?

in my opinion the iPod is better cause it has more games and it can store music/videos.And if you jailbreak it you can download cracked games and sync on iPod using iTunes. PSP is pretty good but i'd prefer the iPod. P.S i got an iPod and PSP so i'd think you'd take my answer seriously. iPod ( Full Answer )

Is ipod touch better than ip hone?

The difference btw the iphone and the ipod touch is that the ipod touch doesn't have the phone or the camera. Personally, i would get the iphone 3g because of the phone and its cheaper than the ipod touch with more features. but now the new ipod touch 4g has a camera which the iphone has the same

Is a second generation iPod touch better than a normal iPod touch?

yes, much better. it feels better in your hand, the internet is quicker, it includes 2 volume butons on the side, and has a much cleare screen,and it doesnt cost near as much. 230.00 vs. 300.00 for an 8g. the ipod touch 2nd generation also has an inbuilt speaker but at the moment ipod touch 2nd gene ( Full Answer )

Is a ipod touch better than a v touch?

Of course the v touch is just a cheap version and i advise you to save up for an ipod touch instead of a rubbish cheap v touch, a ipod would last longer.

How is iPod touch better than iPod Nano?

You touch the iPod Touch, but you cannot with the Nano. . With the iPod Touch, you can add all kinds of apps, like games, Facebook.... . And those are probably the reasons.

Is the Dsi Better than the Ipod touch?

This is a matter of opinion and mainly what you wish to use it for. Music and other forms of media are certainly superior on the Ipod. But that is simply because no model of the DS is really made for such. Games however the DS has a much larger library of professionally made games and has many popul ( Full Answer )

Is psp better than ipod touch for movies?

That's a good question. Let's break it down into pieces.. Price ------ UMDs (PSP) are about $10-$15, but since they're physical, you can buy them used for about $3. (BETTER) iTunes: $10. Period. Compatibility ------ UMDs are for PSPs. That's it. iTunes movies work on your computer, iTouch, iP ( Full Answer )

What is better the iPod touch or the iPad?

The iPad is just a bigger version of the iPod Touch and more expensive, so the iPod Touch is better and cheaper. i think that the i pod touch would be better because it fits into your pocket and then you wouldn't have to carry it around all day and it is a lot more cheaper they are both the sa ( Full Answer )

Which is better - the iPad or the iPod Touch - and why?

The answer is dependent upon what you intend to use it for. For example: The iPad supports Wireless-N technology while the iPhone supports up to Wireless-G. The iPad supports up to a 64 gig flash drive while the iPhone supports up to 32 gigs. While this may seem like the iPad is technolog ( Full Answer )

Is the iPod touch or the iPad better?

iPod touch. Definetly! The ipad has MUCH less features than the ipod touch and it is the SAME EXACT THING except the ipod touch has more feautures. the new ipod touch 4g is also a video phone. YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON A STUPID IPAD! Believe me, buy the ipod touch. IT ROX!

What is the difference between ipod touch and iPad?

1. iPad is bigger 2. iPhone has more apps but most of the apps that are on the iPhone also have iPad-optimized versions. However, apps like's app is only optimized for the iPhone but can be used with black bezels on the iPad. Although iPad-optimized-only apps are growing, universal apps ( Full Answer )

Should you get an iPod touch or an iPad?

Well no body can really answer that question except for u because both have almost the same features but u know ipad is more expensive and u should only buy an ipad only if u wanna use it in a comfortable place and if u wanna carry a big bag with u then okay buy ipad but if u want almost the same fe ( Full Answer )

Which is better iPod touch or iPad?

I recommend an ipod touch. The ipad is more expensive than the ipod touch. But it isn't really about money its about the size, the quality ,the weight (if for example your taking it on an airplane). So it dosent matter how much it is and anyway these days electronics get cheaper and cheaper overat ( Full Answer )

Can you tansfer info from ipod touch to iPad?

If you sync your touch to your computer (in iTunes), your iPad will read those files and sync to them to itself if you specify it in iTunes.......just open up the "apps" tab on top of the iPad window. All of your apps should show up. You can sync music in the same was. Instead of the "apps" tab, cli ( Full Answer )

How is an iPod touch better than an iPod Nano?

If you ask me the iPod touch is better because you have wifi and apps with the iPod touch. If you get the iPod nano you cant do anything but play pre-loaded games and play music. The iPod touch is 1 step down from the iPhone.

Which is better iPad or ipod?

Depends what you want to use them for. The iPad is more of a computer, and can do so much more then the iPod. If you wanna just listen to music and play games, get an iPod.

Is the Nintendo 3DS better than the iPod Touch?

It really depends on what you want. Both have touch screens and can download software, but the iPod is much better at playing music while the 3DS is better at playing games and can display in 3D.

Is the ipod touch the same as the iPad?

No, they are not the same thing. The iPad is much larger and features different kinds of apps not available on the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is much smaller, and is considered by many to be the iPhone without the phone.

What is better ipod touch or an iPad?

I've owned both. I am very addicted to my iPad. The screen is much higher resolution and the applications that have been written for it are very good. This platform (the iPad) will lead us into the next generation of computing. KEY Benefits: . Inexpensive apps . Excellent High def screen . G ( Full Answer )

What is better an ipod 4g or iPad?

If you prefer portability to screen size, than iPod; but if you are capable of a book sized tablet PC and have enough money, definetly iPad.

Can iPad apps work on the iPod touch?

No, the apps for iPad are much bigger rather than compressed like the iPod touch apps. For example, just as you would enlarge and slightly distort an iPod touch app on an iPad, you would have to compress and make smaller an iPad app for the iPod touch witch is virtually impossible

Is an ipod touch better than a blackberrycurve?

Why would you rather an mp3 over a phone? Definately not... On the curve you can still go on facebook or twitter.. And that's anywhere you want, while iPod touch, doesnt have a camera, unless your getting the iPod touch 4th gen. But go with the phone

Is an ipad an a ipod touch the same thing?

Yes. They have the exact same features. They have a few different things comparing the ipod and ipad: iPOD - > The lowest gb you can get - 8gb > The size and weight - . Height: 111.0 mm (4.4 inches) Width: 58.9 mm (2.3 inches) Depth: 7.2 mm (0.28 inches) Weight: 101 grams (3.56 ounces) 1 . ( Full Answer )

Is ipod touch better than a Kindle?

Yes, but by a little. They can basically do the same things but ipod touch has more apps and features. The kindle is a bit bigger but is more meant for reading, though it can have music and apps. Overall, i think ipod touch is better, and more portable than the kindle. Note: Referring to a kindle f ( Full Answer )

How to link iPod Touch to iPad?

Remove the film from an old 3.5 in floppy disk, put both USB cables through the center of the circular film, pug both into the came CPU, under options for ITunes select "connect iPad data sharing" toggle yes, accept the download, once down loaded. Open iTunes and select sync 2 devices, make sure it ( Full Answer )

Which one is better the iPad or the iPod touch?

The IpodTouch is better than the Ipad because it is much cheaper and and you can call, text, take pictures, and also download apps for free so i would prefer the ipodtouch instead of the Ipad

Which one is better iPod touch or iPad?

ipod and ipad is the same thing except one is bigger but the ipod is smaller and can fit in ur pocket but get the one u want

Can you transfer gigabite from a iPad to a iPod touch?

If you are reffering to adding memory to your ipod touch by taking some from your you can not. Memory is built into each device in the internal hard drive. The only way to gain more space would be to purchase a new Ipod. You can always delete unwanted material to free up your memory, but i ( Full Answer )

Which is better the iPad or the iPod Touch and why?

I believe the iPod Touch is better, because it is portable, way cheaper, and has the same features as an iPad. In my definition an iPad is just an exploded version of the iPod Touch. It is really a waste of money, if you want a cheap iPad buy a iPod and get a good magnifying glass. Then Presto! It l ( Full Answer )

How do you get a film from your iPad to your iPod touch?

If they are both on the same WiFi network and iCloud is enabled for both, Videos in the Photos app will transfer automatically. To move over movies, sync each with iTunes on your computer. When the Ipod is connected, you can click on the iPod in the list on the left, click Movies, and choose the mov ( Full Answer )

How can you transfer songs from iPad to iPod Touch?

Your entire music collection (iPad + iPod Touch) is already on your computer so I think you need to simply to simply connect your iPod Touch first and then select the songs/albums that were on your iPad to your iPod Touch.

Is a kindle fire better than a iPod touch?

Depends, what do you plan to do with it? If you want a cheaper price, go with the Kindle. If you like Apple then use itouch. More games on itouch, but smaller screen. Kindle better for reading and possibly watching videos.