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intestine is included in the digestive system........

excretory system includes lungs, kidneys, skin, liver etc

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digestive system and excretory system

No, It is part of the digestive system.

No. The large intestine is part of the digestive system which consists of: the gullet, the stomach, the large and small intestine and the anus. The excretory system consists of: the kidney and the bladder

because cloaca is connected to oviduct which is a part of reproductive system, large intestine which is a part of digestive system and the mesonephric duct/ureter which is a part of excretory system :-)

The mouth, salivary glands, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and then it goes to the excretory system.

Well, both the Digestive and Excretory system filter foods and (as my Science Teacher says: "Materials). Also they both remove waste products. They are made up of your Esophagus, Stomach, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Kidneys, and Bladder. Hope this helps!

how does the excretory and the digestive system work together

Yes. What isn't digested in the digestive system passes to the excretory system.

Well the excretory system is port of the digestive system.The excretory system pumps blood around the body and the digestive system pumps food down the body.

the small intestine is the part of the digestive system

The digestive system has an excretory function. In particular, the digestive system stores and eliminates solid waste through the rectum and anus.

The digestive is part of the excretory system in terms of the substances having to get out of the system themselves The digestive is part of the excretory system in terms of the substances having to get out of the system themselves

the digestive system is what digestie you food fool

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the excretory system uses water to clean blood, the contaminents make roughage, it is not part of the digestive system.

The digestive system takes food and breaks it down, and the excretory takes whatever is left over.

The digestive system or the excretory system.

I believe that the digestive system works with the excretory system.

The digestive system and excretory system work together to take in materials your body needs and gets rid of wastes.

Uh your whole digestive system. Specifically your large intestine, where your feces are expelled. You can include your kidneys, for they dispose of urine.

the difference is that the digestive tract envolves the large intestine and the digestive system envolves the small intestine

The digestive system gets rid of solid waste, but your excretory system gets rid of liquids that your body doesn't need. Also, the digestive system transforms your food into nutrients that your body can use, but the excretory system just excretes.

The digestive and excretory system both help facilitate materials to their designated destination. The digestive system breaks down organic material to nutrients and unnecessary materials. The excretory system takes those unnecessary materials and remove them from the system.

The Digestive system breaks down food and gets burned by your meatabolism, and the excretory system cleans out your blood by peeing.

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