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Everything is considered bad luck to some culture. However, ivy is not in any normal American culture that I know of. Today Ivy is also a staple in a Brides wedding flowers, this is because Ivy is said to bring on fertility. This has been used for centuries (especially in England) to bring abundance to the new couple. Where you see alot of Ivy you will be "Rich". Thanks

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โˆ™ 2006-11-09 03:42:18
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Q: Is the ivy plant considered bad luck?
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Is it harmful to burn the ivy plant?

It is to the Ivy plant !

Where do ivy seeds come from?

All seeds come from their parent plant,so, ivy seeds will be produced by an ivy plant.

Who plays ivy in Good Luck Charlie?

Raven Goodwin plays ivy in Good Luck Charlie.

What is the most poisones plant?

Ivy Englis Ivy

What is poison ivy and oak?

Poison Ivy and Oak can be caused by a poisonous plant which can lead to a really bad skin rash. You can use a type of a special cream to cure it.

Is poison ivy vascular?

If you are asking if the vine poison ivy is a vascular plant then yes, it is a vascular plant.

How can i get rid of poison ivy or oak?

Oh man! Poison Oak, Ivy, and Sumac are awful. Poison Ivy is bad, Poison Oak is worse, and Poison Sumac is awful. To get rid of Poison Ivy or Oak get a Steroid shot or cream (personally I prefer the cream). Spread the cream onto your rash 2-4 times a day and as many days as the Dr. prescribes. To get the cream or shot go to your doctors. I had a very, very bad case of Poison Oak and it worked amazingly well for me! I had almost instant relief. To get rid of the plant Poison Ivy or Oak get Poison Ivy or Oak killing spray! Good luck!

Where does ivy grow?

The ivy plant grows in a variety of locations. This plant can be found in North America, Africa, Europe, and Australia. The ivy seeds are carried by birds.

What is ivy leaf?

Ivy leaf is poison ivy. Poison ivy is a leaf that gives you a bad itchy rash.

What is pond ivy?

Ivy that grows next to or in a pond. Its like a plant. (:

What type of root system does am ivy plant have?

Ivy has anaerialroot system.

How long before you know you have poison ivy?

poison ivy is a plant....

How do you spell ivy?

That is the correct spelling of "ivy" (a climbing plant). Also used as the girl's name Ivy.

Is ivy a flowering plant?

Ivy does produce flowers, which become berries in Autumn.

How is ivy house plant grown?

A house plant is any plant grown in a house. An ivy will grow outside or in depending on the conditions. The conditions within the house will control how the plant will grow.

What is a plant starting with letter I?

ivy (:

A plant starting with the letter i?

ivy :)

Baseball is to game as ivy is to?


What plant has poison in it?

poison ivy

What is the first episode of Good Luck Charlie with ivy in it?

Raven Goodwin's (Ivy) first episode of good luck charlie is 'The curious case of Mr Dabney'

An ivy plant has a root system?

Only certain ivy plants have roots. Some like regular ivy, have no roots.

Is ivy considered a weed?


Is poison ivy considered an emergency?


Does poison ivy grow on a vine plant tree or all three?

Poison ivy is ivy,which is a vine plant. It's usually low on the ground but sometimes can grow tall enough that it attaches to the tree

What happens when you eat poison ivy?

Bad things happen. Don't eat poison ivy.