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Is the lg neon a US Cellular phone?

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yes I have the lg neon and its a excellent good lookin phone

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The LG Neon is for boys and girls.

LG Neon (from review at the at&t site)

The LG Neon comes in green and blue only.

no it does not i have this phone and it doesnt although i think the second version of the LG NEON does.

Yes, the LG Neon is a sliding phone with a touch screen. Well, the the LG neon is a cell phone with a Sliding keyboard and it only has a touch screen for dialing Numbers. i would know, i own it

yes this phone can be prepaid

yes. gt365 is just the the official name for the phone but most people call it the neon because it comes in neon colors and lg decided to rename it the neon. there is no such thing as the lg tribal. p.s. it comes in neon blue neon pink neon green and gray.

Evo is better than a LG neon because evo is a smartphone. It is capable of performing more functions than the LG neon. Depending on your needs. If it is just for calling. Lg neon is perfectly fine.

The Lg Neon is a very good phone, its does have some slight issues.

For me the LG Xenon,but others may not think the same as me!!!

my mom told me it was a 300 dollar phone

You can get this phone at Verizon, nextel, virgin mobile.......

i think i got one last year check the website

You could get the LG Neon at Walmart.

The LG Apex is only offered in the US by AllTel at this time as the LG Axis. It was initially offered by US Cellular and they released Android 2.2 for the phone. The stock ROM uses the Android 2.1 platform for its OS.

Yes an Lg neon have Internet

The LG Neon II is currently not at AT& However, you can get the phone for free at AT&T if you buy the phone with a two year contract. When purchased with the contract, free shipping is included.

LG phones in general all suck they are a terrible phone company don't even bother to touch an lg phone, I've had my fair share of experience

no, NO phone will, unless it's in a waterproof case

The lg xenon is better because it has fron touch screen and a side keyboard, and its very easy to use. :D

You can't set a banner for the LG Neon.

i like it but everybody has their own opinion but this is my first real phone so you can decide yourself

yes i have it and it has a 2.0 megapixel camrea and a touchscreen !!!!!!! i think it is a fantastic phone!!!!

You press down the phone symbol for like ending calls

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