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Is the lord Jesus Christ a Jew or Judea?


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Christ was a Jew. Judea refers to a region of what is now Israel.

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Jesus was a Jew, as he is from the line of David , who was a jew.

First answer:Jesus is not Christian. He is a Jew.------Second answer:Jesus did not become a Christian. Jesus was a Jew. Jesus Christ is the person whom the Christian faith is based on. Christians are followers of Christ. Anyone who follows Christ and has accepted Him as their savior is a Christian. I------

Jesus was born a Jew. Yes, Jesus was born a "Jew" as in a resident of Judea, but there is some conflict as to Jesus being a "Jew" as defined today. There is some discussion dealing with the Jewish religion of today actually being in Asia at that time. It's not quite as definite an answer as "Jesus was born a Jew."

He was born in Bethlehem, a town of Judea. Jesus was a Jew. Jesus preached his message to his fellow Jews.

Jesus existed before there were denominations, or even Christianity. Jesus was a Jew.

No, Jesus the Christ was born a Jew from the tribe of Judah in Bethlehem in Israel.

The short answer is: Because his mother was Jewish.

Jesus was born and raised as a Jew but followers of his teachings (which differ from Judaism) called themselves Christians (Followers of Christ).

As Jesus was a Jew, his native or primary language would have been Hebrew.

No. Jesus was a Jew from the area in Roman Judea called Galilee. He was a religious reformer and his followers established a religious movement in his name.

God promised this to king david

Jesus was born and raised as a Jew. We have vary few details of His early life.

Jew girl. It's not insulting though

The Bible does not say exactly where Joseph was born, but because he was a Jew it is assumed that it was Judea somewhere. (Although he was legal father of Jesus by law, he was actually Jesus' stepfather.)

Jesus Christ was not real Jesue was real. He was a man. He may not be your religious Christ but he did exist. There is historical proof.---------------------------------------------I believe in free speech, that is the only reason that i think that the previous poster should not be banned.Answer:The Nazis created a false reality that said that Jesus was not a Jew, but a displaced Aryan.

Because He was born to a Jewish family and followed the Jewish faith.

Jesus was a Jew, because at that time, a "Jew" was someone who was of Israelite ancestry. Jesus' parents were both descendants of Abraham; therefore, Jesus was a Jew.

Jesus is a Jew by nationality.

Saint Joseph died before Our Lord began his public ministry. He was born a Jew and died a Jew.

From the first verse of Matthew a Jew would learn the Geneology of Jesus Christ.

Jesus the Jew was created in 1973.

For whoever believes in the Lord Jesus shall forever be saved. -Acts 16:31

All Jews (and Jesus was a Jew) are descendants of Abraham through Isaac.The Arabs are descendants of Abraham through Ishmael.

Jesus was a Jew and completions for Jews usually ran from light to olive or tawny and the men wore beards.

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