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Is the magicians nephew being made into a film?

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Yes but in 2012 and then there will be no more

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What is name of book on which Narnia is made?

Magicians Nephew by C.S. Lewis

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Who were the first king and queen of Narnia?

Narnia was actually created in the book The Magicians Nephew. Aslan was there and created it. He made the humble cab driver, Frank, the king. He magically brought Frank's wife, Helen, to him. He then made her queen. So, Frank and Helen were the first king and queen of Narnia.

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What problems did the characters face in magicians nephew?

The Magicians Nephew is the actual creation of the world where all other Narnia stories take place. The kids face an evil uncle who sends them off in an experiment. They find a between world where they can go to many other worlds represented by pools of water. They enter a dying world and wake an evil sorceress queen who has killed all in her world. They are tempted time and again and then must battle the queen and save their own world. They take her and trap her in what is a darkness they can't describe. But Salam is there singing or speaking Narnia into being. They are the cause of what the great evil in Narnia becomes in the actual first book the Lion, the WITCH, and the wardrobe. This is one of the last two books written in the series along with the last battle. The magicians nephew becomes the loving uncle the Pevensies stay with during the war and it is his wardrobe made from a tree that grew around the magic rings used to transport him in the first place. This is a great creation story, one of my favorite of the series

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