Is the moon made out cheese or rock?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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It is made out of rock.

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Q: Is the moon made out cheese or rock?
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Is the moon made out of cheese or rock?

The moon is made out of rock with a small core made of metal.

Does moon cheese exist?

No. The moon is really made of rock.

Proof the moon isn't made of cheese?

the moon is definitely not made from cheese! if it was made from cheese it would melt because it is pretty close to the sun. also astronaughts brought back moon ROCK not moon cheese!

What is the meaning of the moon that is made with cream cheese?

The moon is not made of cheese, it is made of rock. If it was made of cheese, astronauts would have brought samples of cheese from the moon and we would have discovered what flavour it would have been.

What cheese is the moon made out of?

Stilton According to Wallace and Gromit in a Grand Day Out, the cheese doesn't really taste like anything. The moon is made of rock, not cheese.

What is the moon made of but not cheese?

The moon is made of rock similar to some volcanic rocks found on Earth.

Is there moon cheese?

There is no cheese on the moon, it is jut an airless ball of rock in space.

Why is the moon made of Swiss cheese?

the moon isn't made of cheese....

Is the moon made of chees?

if you meen cheese then no it's actually a type of rock

What do people say the moon is made of?

Green cheese. That is the mythical saying. The moon is actually made of one big rock floating in the earths orbit.

Why was the moon made out of cheese?

It is not made of Cheese!

Is the moon actually made of cheese and Gordon Brown is going up there with Wallace and Gromit everyday to have cheese on crackers and then do a dance around the moon?

Yes No u big idiots it is not made out of cheese it is made out of rock! Maybe so.... but I haven't actually been to the moon, so I can't say for certain. Have you?