Is the most general level in the hierarchical classification scheme?


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The most basic and general level in the hierarchical classification scheme is kingdom. From there the classifications get more specific.


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Classification schemes are made by mankind, particularly by scientists. There is no natural reason that a domain is the highest level of life classification. The human reason is that we chose it to be. Why did we choose to name this level "domain". I can not give you a physical or scientific explanation for why your parents named you the way they did. In a similar manner I cannot give you a physical or scientific mechanism for how we arbitrarily name the levels of a given classification scheme

They are eight general taxonomic categories of classification. Of these, the species level is the least inclusive category. A species describes the basic unit of biological classification.

Scheme is a functional programming language and a high level language.

The lowest level of classification is species.

Species is the smallest level of biological classification.

Yes, the Domain is the broadest classification level.

It isn't, Domain is the broadest level of classification.

Species is the lowest level of biological classification; however, you might be looking for the word "subspecies."

The ability to modify a scheme definition in one level without affecting a scheme definition in next higher level is called data independence there are two types of data independence physical data independence:- refers to the ability to modify the scheme followed at the physical level without affecting the scheme followed at logical level logical data independence:- refers to the ability to modify the conceptual scheme without affecting the schemes followed at view level logical independence is difficult to achieve

There is no higher/broader classification of a species.

the characteristics that the organisms have in common become more general at each succeeding level from species to kingdom. (:

There are several classification levels that are more specific then the family level. From least to greatest they are; order, class, phylum, kingdom and domain. Domain being the greatest of the 8 classification levels.

Phylum is the second most specific classification level of animals. Hoped that Helped! <3

False. It requires the highest level of classification contained on the disc.

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Lateral communication refers to messages conversed between people on the same hierarchical level

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