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The motor in a 1991 Accord is interchangeable with the engine in a 1992 Accord. They are only slightly different but will still interchange with no problems.

2007-12-31 05:41:51
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Will 1991 Honda Accord distributor cap fit a 1992 Honda Accord?

Yes, they should be interchangeable.

Will a distributor off of a 1991 Honda Civic fit a 1992 Honda Civic?

Why do you want to put an OBD0 distributor in a OBD1 motor?

Will a 2001 Honda Civic motor fit in a 1992 Honda Civic?


Will windshield from 2000 Honda civic change with 1992 Honda accord?

No. For the most part, Civic and Accord parts are not interchangeable.

Will a 1994 Honda Civic motor fit a 1992 Honda Civic?


Are parts for a 1995 and 1192 Honda Civic interchangeable?

Many parts are interchangeable between a 1992 and 1995 Honda Civic, but always consult a qualified automotive mechanic before trying to use these parts.

Will a 1992 240sx transmission fit a 1989 240sx motor?

Yes the two transmissions are interchangeable.

How do you replace the radiator on a 1992 Honda Accord LX?

How do you replace a radiator on a 1991 Honda Accord

Will a 1992 Honda Civic Ground Effects kit fit a 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback?


Would a 1991 Honda Accord automatic transmission fit in a 1992 Honda Accord?

yes, as long as the 1992 accord is also an automatic

Will a 1992 Honda Civic windshield fit on a 1991 Honda Civic?

no their 2 diffrent body styles

Does a 1992 Honda Civic 5-speen fit into a 1990 Honda Civic?

Honda civics engines and trannys are interchangeable. you could even put an acura integra motor into a Honda civic. the only one you may have a little trouble with is the prelude motor. from what ive learned, as long as there both the 4 cylinder, then they have the same motor mounts. so, you could swap your 90 motor with a 2000 k-20 from a Honda civic si. which the only thing is i think the shift linkage, because its a 6speed. yes, it interchanges. but you got a lot more options than that.

Can you put a 1995 Honda Civic transmission into a 1992 Honda Civic?

Yes. If it has the same type of motor as from the car you got the transmission from.

Will a 1991 Dodge 360 5.9 Liter V8 tranny fit a 1992 12 valve?

No. The gas and diesel transmissions are not interchangeable.

Will a Camry 1991 engine 5SFE fit in a 2001?

What why would you want to put an older motor into a newer car? And are you sure this is from a 1991 sounds like a 1992 motor.

Where is the blower motor resistor located in a 1992 Honda accord?

It is located on the blower motor housing and is white in color. You have to take the blower motor assembly out as far as I know to get to it.

Is the plastic fenders on a1994 Honda fourtrax 300 interchangeable on all fourtrax 300 models?

1988-1991 Honda 300 2wd is different. All other models 1992-2000 2wd, and 1988-2000 4wd are all the same. The early year 300 2wd's had a different frame configuration on the front end.

Will a 1992 cr250 crankshaft fit a 1991 cr250?

The 1992 Honda CR250 was a part of the KZ3 model line, which lasted from 1989-2003. A crankshaft from a 1992 model should fit a 1991 model without any problems then.

Where can i get a fuse box diagram for a 1991 Honda Civic LX?

While this is for a 1992 Honda Civic, I've been told it is the same for a 1991 model.

Can a 1992-95 Honda civic 5 speed manual transmission fit a 1991 Honda civic?

Yeah, it will fit. But the 1991 civic sohc 1.5 transmission is cable and the 1992-1995 transmission is hydraulic. So yeah it will fit no it will not work with out doing other work. Also The speed sensor is cable in the 1991 and the 1992-1995 is electronic, more work.

Are 1991 Mazda and 1992 Mazda parts interchangeable?

That would all depend on what model you are refering too. 1991 and 1992 Mazda 323 parts are all interchangable (there may be a few exceptions). If your refering to another model, someone else will have to address that aspect.

What year fronts seats in 1991 Subaru Legacy are interchangeable?

In general, many of the 1990 through 1993 parts are interchangeable on the Subaru Legacys. But your best source would be a 1991 Subaru Legacy, followed by a 1990 Subaru Legacy. Verify the bolt patters before purchasing from 1992 or 1993.

Does Honda Prelude wheels fit Honda CRX 1991?

Honda Prelude 1979-1991 have the same bolt pattern so they will "fit". Then it just depends on the width of the wheel and the offset (the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the plane of the hub-mounting surface of the wheel). Honda Prelude 1992+ wheels will not fit.

Can you use a transmission from a 1990 or 1993 Honda Accord for your 1992 Honda Accord?

In most cases you can but it mostly depends on what motor you have in your 1992. I cant say for sure but i think there d-series motors, and if in fact that's the case in your car then as long as the 1990 or 1993 transmissions were on a d-series motor then it should be fine

1989 interchangeable with 1992 Chevrolet truck?