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The My Diva Diet is effective for all women. This diet was not designed for men. So when is comes to only thinking about women, then yes this diet is effective.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-30 16:29:48
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Q: Is the my diva diet effective on everyone?
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Where can I find out more about my diva diet?

My Diva Diet has a nice website you can look at to find out more about the diet and books and products that they reccomend, as well as things to avoid which sabatoge your diet. Their website is located at

Is the turbocharged diet effective on everyone?

As we all know, not every diet is for everyone. But one of the best reviews I have found specifically on the turbocharged diet is at They weigh both the pros and cons of the plan in order to help you decide if it is right for you.

What is the most effective diet and why?

A balanced diet. It is the best because it is the only one that works for everyone. If you require a more detailed answer, see a dietician; it depends too much on who you are to be answered generally.

Is the diet pill vysera-cls effective?

Yes, the diet pill Vysera-cls is very effective.

What effective diet plans have I not heard of?

The most effective diet I have heard of that people seem to see results with is called the Atkins diet. Its a diet that cuts out carbohydrates.

Is the Weight Watchers point diet effective?

Like any diet, weight watchers point diet can work well from one person, while not on others. Everyone has different types of body. It is really a matter of figuring out how your body works when judging on a diet plan.

Does the suzanne somers diet work for everyone?

Everybody reacts differently to weight loss attempts, and there is no single diet program out there that works for everyone. However, some programs may be more effective than others. One sure way to find out how effective a certain program may be is to ask people who have tried it. You can read actual reviews of the Suzanne Somers diet plan here:

Most effective diet?

exercise - effective and safe. :-D

Is the fat smash diet effective?

The Fat Smash diet is a very effective diet for some people. This particular diet was used by some of the contestants on Celebrity Fit Club.

Is there a diet that will stop migraine headache pain from forming?

Everyone is different. The best way to stop a migraine with diet is to keep a food journal in which you can identify a trigger food that causes your migraine and therefore eliminate it from your diet. To be effective, you must have low variably in diet to avoid confounding effects.

How exactly does blood type diet works?

What the Blood Type Diet does is, it takes your specific blood type and it works with it. Since everyone's body is different, not everyone can have the same effective diet. And studies have shown that blood type plays a factor into what diet will and won't work, especially when it comes to medical conditions. So the Blood Type Diet provides foods and exercises that are specifically designed for your body and blood type.

What are the most rapid and most effective diet plans currently available?

The most rapid and most effective diet plans currently available are the Lemonade and Cayenne pepper diet. This diet is also known as the Beyonce diet.

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