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No. Whether I push hard against the wall of my clothes closet or against one

wall of the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago, the force I apply is roughly the

same in either case.

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Q: Is the normal force of an object affected by surface area since it is a contact force?
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Why does weight affect frictional force?

Given an object if contact with a surface, the limiting frictional force is directly proportional to the normal reaction to the weight of the object at its point of contact with the surface.

What type of contact force is perpendicular to the surface of contact?

Normal force is the component perpendicular to the surface in mechanics. It prevents an object from penetrating the surface with the contact force exerted.

Will the speed of the object affect the amount of friction between object and the surface?

No. The speed of the object does not affect the amount of friction between an object and the surface. Friction is affected by the types of surfaces in contact, smoother surfaces produce less friction, and the weight of the object moving horizontally affects the resistance relative to the two surfaces in contact. Greater weight causes greater resistance.

What the normal force is for an object on a flat surface?

Force is porportional to area. A purely (theoretical) flat surface will have equal amounts of force applied to every point in contact, provided that the object weighs the same in each point.

What is air resistance affected by?

Air resistance is affected by surface area and Shape

Is friction affected by the amount of surface that is touching?

No: this is a common misconception Friction= Normal force* Coefficient of friction where Normal force= Mass* Acceleration due to gravity* Cos(angle of surface) and the coefficient of friction is an intrinsic property of the surface Therefore, only the mass of the object and the surface composition affect friction

What is normal force?

Normal force is the force of a surface acting on an object( the normal force is perpendicular to the plane of contact). This force is directly related to the force of gravity, as the third law of newton state that when a force is applied to an object it will react with an equal force in the opposite direction. So when an object is placed on a surface, the force of gravity is acting on it (pulling it down), but the is object remain in place due to the normal force (which is pulling up on the object). In addition, a change to the force of gravity will result in the same change to the force of normal, to allow an object to remain stationary.

Will the speed of moving object affected by the area of surface contacted?


Definition of normal force?

Normal Force- this is the support force exerted on an object in contact with another stable object.

What factors that affect motion?

An object's motion is affected by the initial speed and acceleration and the forces that interact with it, the most important being: Gravity - that is affected by the gravitational constant g - which is affected by altitude; Air friction - that depends on the speed of the object and it's volume and air density; Surface friction - depends on the size of the surface of contact, the force that the object exerts on the surface, the surface and the object's coefficient of friction; All the above forces are proportional to the mass of the object.

What is normal reaction?

the force that a solid surface exerts on any object in normal direction is called the normal force

What is the friction between around surface and another object?

Because a round object has less surface area in contact with the solid surface it's being propelled upon, there is less friction between the two objects and the sphere will travel farther on that surface than a flat object (lots of contact....lots of friction....and therefore, resistance to motion) due to the difference in friction.