The Hindenburg Disaster

Is the paint the reason the Hindenburg caught fire?

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When did the Hindenburg explode?

the Hindenburg exploded on MAY 6 1937:)the Hindenburg caught fire when it was about to land

What happened to the Hindenburg?


What is a flammable element used to fill the Hindenburg?

Hydrogen. There is some dispute as to whether and to what degree the hydrogen caused and/or contributed to the Hindenburg disaster. The paint coating the outer skin of the airship was also highly flammable, containing powdered aluminum. Powdered aluminum is a major component of solid rocket fuel.And aslo i think that when hte hydrogen leeked the skin caught on fire and thts wat caught the Hindenburg on fire that was a horrible tradgey

What was the date of the Hindenburg disaster?

The German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire and crashed. The disaster took place on a Thursday in May 6, 1937.

What type of gas filled the Hindenburg airship?

It was hydrogen. That's why it caught fire. Modern airships use helium.

Why did the hendenburg catch fire?

The Hindenburg caught fire due to being filled with highly flammable hydrogen gas which was ignited by the effects of static electricity.

How did the Hindenburg exploded?

Although the initial source of ignition is not known for sure, the hydrogen gas in the envelope caught fire and exploded.

Which Great Lake caught fire in 1969?

None of them. The Cuyahoga River caught fire. It feeds into Lake Erie, which is perhaps the reason the questioner thought that one of the Great Lakes had caught fire.

What is the bad things about Hydrogen?

Bad: The Hindenburg Accident: a hydrogen powered blimp crashed, and caught on fire which reacted with the hydrogen and killed 35 people

What was the reason the Chicago river caught fire?

The Chicago River caught on fire on April 19, 1899. The polluted waters somehow became ignited.

Did the explosion of the Hindenburg lead to the creation of the hydrogen bomb?

no!!!!!the Hindenburg did not explode. its aluminum painted skin caught fire from an electrostatic discharge. that fire ignited ordinary chemical hydrogen/oxygen fires as the lift gas bladders breached.no nuclear fusion was involved. not even a chemical explosion occurred.

Why did the Hindenburg catch fire?

The Hindenburg zeppelin was struck by lightning. It had been painted with an aluminum based paint, which attracted the lightning, and once struck, it burned very well because it was inflated with a flammable gas, hydrogen. So it was a disastrous design.

What German blimp crashed over New Jersey?

LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire and crashed in Lakehurst New Jersey on May 6, 1937

What did the Hindenburg do in 1933?

The Hindenburg disaster took place on Thursday, May 6, 1937, as the German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed during its attempt to dock with its mooring mast at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, which is located adjacent to the borough of Lakehurst, New Jersey.- wikipedia

History event beginning with the letter z?

The Zeppelin airship Hindenburg disaster is an event in history. The passenger airship caught fire and crashed on May 6, 1937.

How did the Hindenburg set on fire?

While what caused the fire is unknown, a fire began from the inside and quickly spread throughout the airship.

Is it true that 36 people died when the Hindenburg exploded?

Yes. 35 passengers and one member of the ground crew died on Thursday, May 6, 1937, when the German passenger airship LZ129 Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed as it was attempting to dock at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, Lakehurst, New Jersey.

How did th zeppelin blow up?

If you are talking about the Hindenburg, it did not blow up. It caught on fire and burned to the ground in less than a minute, And there were many theories on how it burned. No one even today knows exactly how it happened.

What happened the Hindenburg and how?

In 1937 - a fire and an explosion; the balloon was filled with hydrogen which is dangerous.

What is the most popular Hindenburg theory?

That the enclosed hydrogen gas caught fire and caused the entire "balloon" portion to explode. There is another theory though, and that is that the paint on the balloon part, or "dope", which is designed to keep the gases inside, in the case of the Hindenburg airship, included two of the three main ingredients of thermite, which caused the catastrophic explosion. This theory though, no matter how plausible it may seem, has since been disproved by the Mythbusters, but feel free to ignore their conclusive tests if you so wish.

What was the difference between the Titanic and Hindenburg disaster?

Well, the obvious answer is that the Hindenburg was an airship (zeppelin), and the Titanic was an ocean liner. Most deaths in the Hindenburg were from fire or jumping from the airship, while most deaths on the Titanic were from drowning or exposure. Finally, there were many more deaths on the Titanic than on the Hindenburg.

What royal residence caught fire in 1992?

In 1992 windsor castle caught fire

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