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This movie "Paranormal Entity" was in fact based on a fictitious story SO IT'S NOT REAL!

In the year 1978 a book was published by a man named Frank Defelitta.....It was then made into a movie in 1983 named "The Entity" .

"Paranormal Entity" is in fact based on this book. I did not find this out until after doing some research of my own because of suspicion.......I have watched scenes and trailers of the movie and it is almost identical to that of the 2009 movie "Paranormal Entity". Noting the bathroom scenes and the "rape" by and unknown force. Also the name Maron that appeared in Paranormal Entity was the woman in the movie "The Entity's" last name.

So the question of is The Finley murders real...The answer is NO. It was a hoax of a movie but I will give it an amazing rating. It had me scared to go to sleep at night so I did research to ease myself so I could rest. ---End Original Answer.

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This answer is mostly true except for a few things that were apparently looked over. The 1980's movie was in fact a 1981 film not 1983, and in Paranormal Entity the name "Maron" is NOT in the movie The Entity. The name in The Entity is "Moran", anyone can go look it up yourself and including the facts that in The Entity it was a mother of three not like in Paranormal Entity where it is clearly a mother of two a son and daughter.

It's actually a book based on a true story of a lady who's real name doris bither who lived in culver city Southern California and in 1974 claimed she had been sexually abused by spirits that haunted her house the story was investigated by dr barry taff and Kerry Gaynor. she had three sons and one daughter. the film entity follows the story of what her her kids and the investigators say happened actually quite well. and paranormal entity is actually a remake of entity despite the small difference's. And there were no real murders.

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Q: Is the paranormal entity a true story did Robert finley murder his sister and the physic in real life or is it just fiction?
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