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yes the wheel lugs bolt on to the hub The foregoing is correct, but in modern automobiles the hub is not actually "part" of the wheel. The hub is part of the axle assembly and the wheel is bolted onto the hub using lug bolts and lug nuts. Hope that helps.

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Do the lugs nuts on a Nascar wheel come installed on the actual wheel?

The answer is "no". Just prior to the start of the race teams "glue" the lug nuts onto the wheel. "The glue" is actually an adhesive kind of like weather stripping you would use in your home.

Is corkscrews simple machines?

Yes because it is classified as a screw machine,this is because when the cork screw screws onto the bottle it uses a screw to screw it in

What does an oil filter screw onto?

The engine block.

What is a wheel rim used for?

Tires fit onto the wheel rim

How do you fit bolt and nut?

You screw the nut onto the bolt.

In a sewing kit what is the metal wheel on the long handle for?

The metal wheel on the long handle is called a tracing wheel. It is used with tracing paper to put marks from the pattern onto the cloth after the pattern pieces are cut out.

What is a car rim?

The outer edges of the wheel. The wheel is what the tire is mounted onto.

How do i remove 55 Chevy turn signal switch?

Remove the steering wheel, and you will see a white plastic, cam set up. There will be a screw holding the stalk onto it. Remove that, and the screws holding it in, unplug it.

What is wheel for?

Wheels are for fitting tires onto.

What is the main function of a wheel?

To mount the tire onto

What kind of simple machine is a cap?

a cap is a screw as it screws onto a bottle.

What does wheel and axle mean?

a wheel and axle means hoist so arranged that a rope unwinding from a wheel is wound onto a cylindrical drum or shaft coaxial with the wheel.

How do you fix a fake parrot on your shoulder for a fancy dress party?

wear a jacket and screw a block of wood onto the shoulder bit, then screw the parrot on to that wood

How do you replace the front disc brake pads on a 1999 Ford Expedition?

What you will need: The proper torx socket to remove the brake calipar(you can usually buy this at your favorite automotive supplier, ie. AutoZone, Pep Boys) and socket rench. A C-Clamp to compress the calipar. An old clean basting surenge that is disposable. An old clean bowl that is disposable. Doing the job: Before jacking up the wheel you will start with. Loosen the lugs of the wheel with lug rench. Jack up the wheel and remove the lugs with you hand. Remove the top to the brake fluid well. Remove the brake calipar with the appropraite torx socket. Remove the pad that is not connected to the brake calipar. With your C-Clamp slowly begin to screw the calipar back into its well. Making sure that you also check the brake fluid level and remove, with the basting surenge, any fluid that leak onto the internal working parts of the engine or manifold, into the bowl. This stuff really stinks when it begins to smoke. Once the calipar is compressed remove the brake pad and replace both pads with the new. Reattach the brake calipar and tighten. Reattach wheel and lugs tighten thumb tight. Let the wheel down slightly touching the ground and tighten with lug rench. Repeat this process on the other three wheels.

How do you assemble a trombone?

take the bell and screw it onto the slide the attach the mouthpeice to the other hole.

What is a front wheel bearing hub?

It is what the brake rotor fits onto.

How are metal rims fitted to trains' wheels?

Train wheels that have changeable rims are becoming quite rare. To install heat a rim, careful to not heat so hot you get red hot or hot enough to damage the metal. The wheel should be prepared and your new rim will fit against a edge called a flange to locate it. The axle and wheel are stood up so the rim can be dropped onto the wheel and allowed to cool and shrink onto the wheel.

How was a steel rim fitted onto a wooden wheel in a traditional blacksmith's shop?

By heating the rim on the forge to make it expand enough to slip over the wheel. The hot rim was then hammered onto the wheel so that it was properly centered and aligned. The rim and wheel were then set aside to cool, during which time the rim shrank back to its original size locking it to the wheel.

Why are railway wagon wheels heated before being fitted?

Heating will expand the wheel, making it easier to slip the wheel onto the axle. When the wheel is cooled, the wheel will contract and grip the axle tightly.

How do you change a tire on a wheel horse lawn mower?

look for a nut or cotter pin on the axle, where wheel goes onto shaft,

How do you remove the center cap on a 1996 Honda Passport?

You must remove the wheel because there are scews that hold it onto the inside of the wheel.

How do you test water pressure in residential home?

you get a pressure gauge that screw onto laundry or garden faucet

What is backspacing on 1994 Ford Mustang?

Back spacing is a wheel term. It is the back spacing of the wheel, to allow a larger tire to fit in the wheel well. It is built into the rim, so you have to order them with the proper backspacing, or officially called negative offset. A tire and wheel shop will have a tool that they can bolt onto your car, to determine maximun allowable offset, when ordering wheels.

What is the scientific definition of a wheel and axle?

an axle to which a wheel is fastened so that torque applied to the wheel winds a rope or chain onto the axle, yielding a mechanical advantage equal to the ratio of the diameter of the wheel to that of the axle.

A railway wagon wheel rim is heated very strongly before it is fitted onto the wheel does it expand or contract?

Heating the rim expands it